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Religious Humor: Jokes and Satire Dealing with Religion & Beliefs

Religious Humor - parodies and jokes on churches, gods, religions and more.
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Atheist Nabbed In Tennessee
It doesn't seem as though it's very safe for atheists in Tennessee. It looks like people in Tennessee have finally figured out what atheists look like and now if we show our faces we'll be in a lot of trouble. One atheist was recently chased into a mall, but now he's in jail and charges on pending.

Atheist Luncheonette Opens
Businesses are being forced to specialize more and more in today's world. Specialization means being able to take better care of your customers, but it also means narrowing your possible base of customers. Is the trade-off worth it? The answer to that will vary, but it doesn't seem likely that a luncheonette for atheists will attract much business.

Fading Pop Bands Finding New Life in Churches
Fame can be a fleeting experience, especially in America's modern pop culture. The popularity of bands can come and go very quickly, but many work hard to hold on to whatever they can salvage. Sometimes, that means drastic changes in venues and even in lyrics.

Christians Face Horrible Persecution
Many Christians in America complain about the awful treatment they have to endure in the modern secular society. According to them, they simply don't get any respect and are unable to properly exercise their religious beliefs because of rampant discrimination and prejudice.

Christian Wants Kidney Back from Hell-Bound Pagan
Most people who donate organs never get to know those who are the eventual recipients. Sometimes, though, they do meet - but what if the donor is disappointed with the lifestyle, politics, or religion of the recipient? What happens? In one case, a Christian donor wants her kidney back from the now-pagan recipient.

Beware the Buddha Snot
Yamamoto Bussan, a Japanese candy company, has been marketing a new product: 'Snot from the nose of the Great Buddha.'? Buddhist priests are mightily annoyed and have prevented the company from registering it as a trademark, but that's about all they've managed to accomplish.

Destiny Church: Happy Clapping for Jesus
Sometimes religious groups are so extreme that they can't really be parodied - in effect, they only parody themselves. With some skill, though, it is possible to take what extremists say and take it just a bit further and create some very amusing and entertaining material.

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