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Hans Zeiger on Atheism, Atheists, Church/State Separation and Freedom

Hans Zeiger seems to be one of those conservative Christians who can't understand (or just won't acknowledge) the difference between government action and private action. Hans Zeiger is an Eagle Scout who regularly writes about how liberals are traitors, believing in his God is necessary for patriotism, and that groups like the Boy Scouts need to discriminate against atheists to uphold American values.

Hans Zeiger: Jim McDermott is a Traitor
Congressman Jim McDermott omitted the phrase "under God" when he led the House of Representatives in the Pledge of Allegiance recently. For that he was excoriated by Republicans, chastised even by the Democrats, and now he is being called a "traitor" by Hans Zeiger, fascist-in-residence for the Boy Scouts of America.

Iraqi Boy Scouts
The Boy Scouts in Iraq are re-organizing now that Saddam Hussein is gone. Even better, they aren't allowing any namby-pamby atheists and gays join them, which just thrills Christian Right fascists like Hans Zeiger to no end.

Girls Scouts Reject Moral Decency?
We often read about the bigotry of the Boy Scouts of America, refusing to admit gays or atheists as members or leaders because neither can be "morally straight" or proper role models. But what about the Girls Scouts? According to Hans Zeiger, they are even worse - because they actually allow atheists to join!

Keyes Gets the Fascist Endorsement
As noted before, Alan Keyes is running for the Illinois Senate. Will he do well? He is, at the very least, getting the support of American fascists - something that should make him happy.

Discrimination and Bigotry Necessary for Boy Scouts
Why do the Boy Scouts discriminate against gays and atheists? According to Hans Zeiger, it's necessary to do so in order to survive. The Canadian Boy Scouts are struggling right now and may fold; some attribute this to the fact that they are more inclusive and accepting than the Boy Scouts of America.

Is God On Our Side?
I hate to keep picking on the same person too often here - I don't want to come across as bullying the weak. Sometimes, though, a person like Hans Zeiger writes something that is so monumentally ridiculous that it just cries for a response. It's almost as if the words themselves are in pain for being misused so atrociously.

God Bless Roy Moore?
There are many Christian Nationalists, like Hans Zeiger, who believe that American law was founded upon and is defined by the Ten Commandments. Theirs is no mere argument about influence or connection. No, they assert very clearly and unambiguously that American law is very specifically and deliberately founded upon each of the Ten Commandments, in their specifics.

Scout's Honor? Trashing the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence has no legal status in American law, but it does have a lot of rhetorical and psychological influence. Some people, like Hans Zeiger, try to exploit this influence by misrepresenting it and trying to get people to believe that it says things that it doesn't.

Discriminating Against the Boy Scouts?
The Supreme Court ruled that it is acceptable for a state government to refuse to help the Boy Scouts of America collect donations from state employees. Does this represent discrimination against the Boy Scouts? Is this a sign of hatred of the Boy Scouts? Hans Zeiger thinks it is

Religious Bigotry and the National Day of Prayer
An excellent example of how the so-called "National Day of Prayer" is really just a partisan political event designed to promote the idea that the only "correct" form of Christianity is the conservative brand favored by the Christian Right can be found in the fact that even Mormons, themselves conservative on religious and social issues, have been shut out by the event's organizers.

Hans Zeiger: Boy Scout for Religious Fascism?
Some of those who defend the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance do so by saying that it is devoid of any real religious content. Others, like Hans Zeiger, are more open and honest about the fact that it creates an essential connection between real patriotism and a particular sort of religious belief.

Hans Zeiger: God and Man at College
Hans Zeiger writes: "Buckley may have exaggerated the conditions on campus half a century ago, but today's mainstream colleges and universities preach nothing less than atheistic socialism. God, faith and religious tradition have been banished from the classroom and confined to the small corners of campus life."

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