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Conspiracy of Godless Atheists Against America: Undermining American Values?


Are Godless Atheists a Threat to America?:

Christian Right attacks on atheists have helped ensure that atheists remain the most despised minority in America. These attacks are not a series of isolated criticisms; instead, they are integrated and coordinated. Taken together these attacks effectively portray godless atheists as involved in a conspiracy against America, American values, and Christianity. Atheists have no respect for traditions, for values, for religion, or for anything that makes America what it is.

Godless Atheists Are Enormously Powerful, if Few in Number:

Every good conspiracy theory needs a powerful enemy to fight and atheists are no different. The number of irreligious people in America continues to grow, but the number of open atheists continues to be relatively small; despite these numbers, however, godless atheists are portrayed as wielding incredible power over society, culture, and politics. How else could they be at the root of all America’s ills? This may also lie behind the need to portray all liberals as godless.

Godless Atheists are a Threat to the Children:

Good conspiracy theories also need to be framed as cause to protect the innocent and vulnerable children — people are willing to do almost anything to protect children, it seems. It’s only natural, then, that atheists are often depicted as a threat to America’s children: they are infiltrating the schools, for example, to drive God out and they are corrupting the entertainment industry in order to corrupt the nation’s youth as well.

Godless Atheists Poison Society:

Of course, it’s not just the children who are be threatened by the godless atheist menace, it’s all of society. Godless atheists are driving God out of the public square, out of government, and out of every place else in American culture. The fact that God either never was or never really belonged in these places isn’t addressed. Instead, all that matters is that atheists are undermining what it means to be an American and undermining America itself.

Godless Atheists Seek to Destroy Godly Christianity:

If it’s not bad enough that godless atheists hate and are trying to destroy America, they also hate and are trying to destroy Christianity. This helps prove that atheists are in league with Satan, whether knowingly or not. The difference between this and undermining America is more a question of semantics, though, because such Christians don’t acknowledge a difference between true Christianity and true patriotism. If that’s what’s needed to be Christian, though, perhaps it should be undermined.

Godless Atheists’ Stubbornness is a Sign of the Evil:

If godless atheists were reasonable people, they wouldn’t be so stubborn when confronted with the obvious truth of Christianity — they’d just convert. At least, that appears to be the conclusion which many Christians hold about atheists. The circular nature of the argument complete misses them — they act as though every reasonable person would instantly convert to Christianity if simply given a chance. The fact that atheists don’t is taken to demonstrate their evil intentions.

Godless Atheists Should be Segregated:

In the past, minorities accused of conspiring against the majority have been segregated — Jews were confined to ghettos in Europe, for example. Such physical segregation isn’t politically feasible in modern America, but other types of segregation are pursued. Political segregation is achieved, for example, by excluding atheists from political discourse and insisting that they sit down, shut up, and stop saying things that upset Christians.

Godless Atheists Undermine Basic Morality:

Because it is assumed that atheists have no good reason to be moral, it is concluded that atheists are in part responsible for what conservative Christians see as the decline in basic morality in all sectors of American society. One way or another, godless atheists are perceived as being at least partially to blame for everything the Christian Right dislikes in America: tolerance of gays, abortion, the separation of church and state, and so forth.

Godless Atheists Invite Divine Wrath:

Perhaps to assuage some guilt for their efforts to deny atheists equal respect and tolerance, Christian conservatives insist that atheists’ actions put everyone at risk because God is likely to punish the entire nation for the atheists’ actions. Thus God sends hurricanes as punishment for tolerance of homosexuals and wildfires as punishment for abortion. God only wants the best for America, that’s why so many innocents are killed to punish America for tolerating atheistic ideologies.

Conspiracy Theories as a Desire to Impose Order on Chaos:

As a rule, people like to think that there is a semblance of order and especially control operating behind our political and economic systems; yet for some, this order takes on sinister connotations. The order they see is not the organic sort which can arise piecemeal out of the nature of complex systems, as with the example of large cities. Instead, the order which exists is created by vast, shadowy forces seeking world domination.

Such an attitude is not confined to any particular religious or political persuasion — it is easy to find conspiracy theories among leftists and even atheists. However, it is currently easier to find conspiracy theories among members of America’s Christian Right; in fact, for some of them, their political and social agendas appear to be based as much upon the conspiracies they see as upon the religion they follow. Too often, conspiracies and religion intermingle, each serving to reinforce the other.

Conspiracy theories are dangerous because they can and often do create large-scale scapegoating. It seems that there is more psychological satisfaction in seeing even Satan in control of events rather than no one at all. Indeed, the nature of their struggle against conspiratorial forces commonly takes the form of Good vs. Evil. The True Believer is not opposing impersonal forces of history or nature, but instead a history-spanning program directed at oppressing, if not killing, people just like him. This offers a good deal more excitement and gratification. With the world divided into black and white, judgments about whom to trust and whom to hate are made much easier. In the modern world where people have become alienated from tradition, family, and even themselves, it serves the ego to find a worldview which allows for simpler decision making.

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