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President George Bush News: Religion, Atheism, Church & State

Index of recent news stories and events dealing with Presidnent George W. Bush. Particular attention is paid to his religion, his religious claims, and how all of that impacts his political decisions. Who is George Bush? What are his thoughts about God, atheism, religion, the separation of church and state, science, and other things? Read more about the Bush campaign and Bush's views here.
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Is Bush Coming Unhinged?
The Bush White House places a high value on secrecy and loyalty. There are, however, some reports coming out that are very disturbing. If they are at all accurate, they suggest that President Bush is becoming... well, unhinged may be the best label.

George W. Bush & the Holocaust
Why has the Bush administration been hindering a lawsuit brought by Holocaust survivors? According to some, it is to create goodwill and ensure that Poland would join the occupation of Iraq. Talk about dirty politics...

Reject This Failed Statesman
Is George W. Bush a "failed statesman"? Some think so and argue moreover that his behavior has been so flagitious that if American democracy were the least bit healthy, Bush wouldn't even have been offered for reelection in the first place. If true, is this more a failure of the Republican Party or the American electorate? Perhaps both...

Bush Wanted to Invade Iraq... in 1999?
Apparently George W. Bush began thinking about invading Iraq as far back as 1999. Why? Because he thought a tidy little war would produce enough political capital for him to do anything he wanted back home - and give him a nice reputation as president. Is that appropriate for the President? Should he put his reputation over the lives of others?

FOX News Preparing for Bush Loss?
Most conservatives seem, at least on the surface, to be confident that George W. Bush will win reelection as President of the United States. Some, though, appear to be laying the groundwork for a possible be defeat and are already claiming that if Bush loses, it will all be due to the scurrilous influence of the liberal media.

Take the Bush Pledge!
Have you taken a pledge of loyalty to the Bush/Cheney team? Have you learned how to Pledge Allegiance to George W. Bush and the Republican Party for which he stands? If not, you may have to start learning soon.

Ohio: Republican Thugs May Be Prosecuted
Republican operatives have been engaging in dirty tricks all over the country in order to prevent people from voting. In Ohio, they challenged large numbers of newly registered voters in the hopes of keeping them from casting ballots. How? By sending out registered letters and concluding that if any weren't accepted, it meant that the person didn't really live where they claimed.

Reality-Based Science Critical of Bush
There is nothing more reality-based than science. Perhaps that is why George W. Bush has such a big problem with science, continually subverting scientific work and conclusions for the sake of his religious and ideological prejudices. Scientists, naturally enough, have grown very upset over this.

NCLB As A Scam
George W. Bush has made his "No Child Left Behind" Act a centerpiece of his policies on education. Is it, however, a valid basis for policy? Arguably no - it ignores many facets of education in favor of those that appear designed to create meek workers for the economy.

The Road to Abu Ghraib
How did America get to the point where American soldiers tortured and abused prisoners? How did we get to the point where conservative apologists made excuses for the torture, arguing that it was mere hazing (if images of similar treatment of Americans being held prisoner were released, they'd be among the first to complain)? It's been a long and twisted path...

Evangelicals Conflicted Over Bush
Not only aren't all evangelical Christians the same, not all conservative evangelical Christians the same. They aren't a completely monolithic group. Currently, there are cracks in what most consider to be George W. Bush's "base" of political support. Many agree with some of his religious values, but they disagree with many of his other actions. Will they vote for him?

Bush: Mental Health Screening for All Americans
Should every American child and adult be given a comprehensive mental-illness screening? Apparently that's the recommendation of President Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. Maybe our political leaders should volunteer to go first and release those records publicly before expecting anyone else to agree.

Do You Believe?
I don't, but I can't say the same for everyone. There are lots of people out there with a rock-solid faith that is impervious to reasoned argument or empirical evidence. No matter what happens in real life, their faith sustains them and keeps them focused on what's ahead. No, I'm not talking about faith in God - I'm talking about faith in George W.

Slim Shady Disses Bush
It's official, I guess: George W. Bush really isn't Eminem's homie. Recently leaked to the internet, Eminem's video for the song Mosh is harshly anti-Bush. In the past Eminem's music has been anti-establishment but not especially political; now, however, he has entered the political fray with a vengeance. But will it have any impact?

Student Threatened with Execution If He Protested Bush
That headline has to be wrong, doesn't it? Surely no one would be threatened with death merely for expressing support for Kerry while at a Bush speech? If the reports are true, that's exactly what happened. People before have been kicked out of Bush events for supporting civil liberties, so perhaps this isn't such a huge leap.

Bush: Iraq Is Not a Big Issue, But Gay Marriage Is
Does George W. Bush think that Iraq is a "big issue"? One would assume so - over a thousand Americans have died there and he gave the order to invade. Most Americans seem to regard it as very important. Recent comments from Bush, however, suggest that maybe he doesn't.

Bush Supports Gay Civil Unions?
In a move that has surprised many, George W. Bush has come out in support of gay civil unions. He doesn't actually support their existence, but he does support the right of states to have such civil unions if that is what they wish. It's not much, but it's a step in the right direction.

Motivation, Doubt, and Faith
The more one hears about the managing style of George W. Bush - avoiding dissent, ignoring criticism, absolute faith that one's will can overcome any possible obstacles, etc. - the more familiar it becomes. Where have we seen that sort of thing before? Oh, right: Dilbert.

PIPA: Bush Supporters Have Poor Grasp of Facts
Many regard the 2004 presidential election as being fundamentally about terrorism and national security. This is especially true among those who support George W. Bush and that makes it all the more strange that Bush supporters are far less likely than Kerry supporters to know the facts of the Iraq situation or even know Bush's position on various issues.

Bush Scrubs White House Web Site, Removes Embarrassing Material
Profoundly embarrassed by George W. Bush's inability to keep straight whether he considers Osama bin Laden important to the war on terrorism, administration officials have begun to systematically remove from the White House's web site any material that might prove damaging or embarrassing in the future.

Did Saddam Try to Kill Bush Sr.?
Whenever discussing how awful Saddam Hussein is (something few if any people disagree with), George W. Bush has included the charge that Hussein tried to assassinate George H.W. Bush, former president and father of the George W. Some have even speculated that this played a role in his decision to invade Iraq. But is the charge true? Maybe... but maybe not.

United Methodists Upset With Bush / Cheney
A group of Methodist clergymen have written a letter condemning the actions of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, both ostensible Methodists. They are sending out the letter as part of a petition to get Methodists to encourage Bush and Cheney to change. The media likes to report on conservative Catholic opinions about Kerry, so why do they ignore this?

Business Professors Flunk Bush
George W. Bush has at times been called the "CEO President," in part because he wants to run the government like a business and in part because he seems to run the government in a way that benefits business, even at the expense of consumers. For a CEO President, professors of business and economics are not at all impressed.

More on Bush's Suppression of Dissent
The other day I wrote about three teachers ejected from a Bush speech because they dared to wear t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan "Protect Our Civil Liberties." More information about the incident has been released as well as about other actions taken by the administration to suppress dissent.

Abortion Grows Under Bush
The traditional assumption is that if a person is opposed to abortion they should vote for the candidate who is most likely to criminalize abortion. But what if that is wrong? The number of abortions has increased dramatically under President Bush, so perhaps the policies of abortion opponents are not the best way to eliminate abortion after all.

The Word of the President of the United States
Would you accept a course of action that could lead to war and perhaps the death of millions on the word of the President of the United States? Probably not. At one time, though, people did trust the American president that much. The loss of such a deep trust is pretty significant.

Bush: We Won't Have Casualties in Iraq
Pat Robertson, of all people, warned George W. Bush back in March, 2003, that he should prepare the American people for the fact that war with Iraq would be difficult, messy, and cost many American lives. Bush dismissed Robertson's concerns by saying "We're not going to have any casualties."

Politicizing National Security
Bush's national security adviser Condoleezza Rice has made an unprecedented number of speeches in the final weeks before the election - all in hotly contested battleground states, too. Coincidence? Not really. Reports from the speeches indicate that she sounds more like a candidate on the campaign trail than a scholar or official.

White House Suppressing 9/11 Report?
In June the CIA's inspector general's office completed a report on the 9/11 terrorist attacks that addresses various intelligence and government failures. What's that you say, you haven't heard of it? That may be because the Bush administration is trying to suppress it until after the election.

Bush Doesn't Attend Church?
Many people see George W. Bush's religion as one of his most important and defining factors. He certainly doesn't do anything to disabuse people of this. He speaks often of the role of religion in his life, his desire to have religion play a greater role in American politics, and so forth. It's curious, then, that he doesn't attend any churches in Washington D.C.

Defending Bush = Defending God
One would think that George W. Bush's refusal to acknowledge having made any mistakes during his presidency would cause a lot of people to doubt and question his fitness for presidency, but that hasn't really been happening. Isn't that rather strange? Maybe not very many people live in the "reality-based community"?

Pro-Bush Thug Won't Be Prosecuted
During a Bush appearance in Portland, Oregon, Bush supporter Rosemary Kriegel forcibly put her hand over the mouth of protestor Kendra Lloyd-Knox. The protestor's head was shoved backward and in the process she was struck hard under the chin. Prosecutors, however, won't be filing charges.

George W. Bush: President or Prophet?
When George W. Bush was elected, did he think that he was elected to become President or Prophet? It's difficult to know for sure because so much of the religious language he peppers his speeches with suggests that he sees his role as something like an emissary of God - something not really seen in previous presidents.

T-Shirt Police At Bush Speech
No, this isn't a repeated story. A couple back in July were ticketed for trespassing merely because they wore anti-Bush t-shirts at a Bush speech that was paid for by government funds. It wasn't an isolated incident: three teachers were removed from a Bush speech for wearing "Protect Our Civil Liberties" on their shirts.

Faith-Based Presidency
George W. Bush regards himself as a Messianic figure chosen by God to lead the United States. He eschews reading, critical thinking, skepticism, investigative analysis, listening to dissenters, or any of the things we normally regard as important. Instead, he operates on instinct and acts just for the sake of acting.

Why Evangelicals Should Vote Against Bush
Conventional wisdom holds that Bush's presidency rests largely upon the support of evangelical Christians. This may be true, but it doesn't mean that it is necessarily appropriate for evangelicals to support Bush. It is possible to argue that, in fact, voting for Bush would be contrary to important evangelical values and goals.

Economists Condemn Bush
George W. Bush has made tax cuts the central feature of his economic policy. When things were going well, he promoted tax cuts. When things were going badly, the promoted tax cuts. When we went to war, he promoted tax cuts. It seems unlikely that there is any set of circumstances in which he would not say that "tax cuts" is the answer. Economists, however, tend to disagree.

Blind Faith: Neither Compassionate Nor Conservative
President George W. Bush has made a big deal about his religious faith and its connection to his "philosophy" of "compassionate conservatism." Aside from admitting that traditional conservatism must not be very compassionate, just how successful, compassionate, and conservative has this been?

John Kerry & Mary Cheney
Conservatives who are more commonly seen disparaging gays and gay relationships are up in arms over the fact that during the 3rd presidential debate Kerry mentioned that Dick Cheney has a lesbian daughter. Why they are so upset reveals far more about them and Republican bigotry than it does about Kerry.

Does Bush Care About Osama Bin Laden?
In 2001, George W. Bush said that he wanted Osama bin Laden "dead or alive." In 2002 Bush said "I truly am not that concerned about him." During the third debate with John Kerry, when that second comment was brought up, Bush said "I just don't think I ever said I'm not worried about Osama bin Laden. It's kind of one of those exaggerations."

America's Faith-Based Medicine
President George W. Bush makes a big deal about his faith, despite the fact that he hardly ever seems to attend church. He makes such a big deal about it, in fact, that he has been injecting it into both science and medicine throughout his administration - usually to the detriment of both.

Faith in the White House
George W. Bush thinks that he has been divinely appointed by God to lead America against the forces of evil that have taken the guise of Islamic militants. A great many Americans believe this as well - Bush is their messiah and their saintly king. It's enough to make you fear for the future of America.

Foreign Policy Scholars Criticize Bush
A group of over 650 foreign affairs specialists in the United States and allied countries, including many prominent experts on world politics former staff members at the Pentagon, the State Department and the National Security Council, have signed an open letter condemning George W. Bush's foreign policy of the past four years.

Professors Oppose Bush 'Theology'
Religious conservatives make a big deal about George W. Bush being a very religious president, even though he doesn't really attend church. Because Bush has done so much to identify himself with religion and Christianity, it is interesting to read an open letter from a group of theologians who argue against Bush's apparent theology.

'Greatest Generation' Was Un-American?
Grover Norquist is a very important figure in the Republican Party. He also believes that the "Greatest Generation" which fought World War II was Un-American. Why? Because they were quasi-socialists who favored things like minimum wage laws. How terrible!

Bush Sacrificing Iraqi Elections For Own Re-Election
Conventional wisdom would suggest that using warfare for political purposes is such a bad idea that it would ultimately doom a politician, even though some politicizing of warfare is probably inevitable. Why, then, is President Bush formulating military strategy in Iraq based upon what is best for his own re-election campaign?

George W. Bush: Chosen of God
A great many conservative Christians regard President George W. Bush as being a "chosen" man of God, picked specifically by God to be in the place he is now. This quickly leads to the logical conclusion that any effort to unseat Bush as president is an effort to fight against God.

Bush Exploits Religion for Political Goals
President George W. Bush makes a big show about his religion and how his religious beliefs motivate him, even to the point of invading Iraq on orders from God. To what extent, however, are Bush's religious pronouncements really just masks to hide or justify his political agenda?

Spinning New Reasons for War
The Bush administration has offered all sorts of reasons for invading Iraq. The original and primary reason was always the need to stop Saddam Hussein's development of Weapons of Mass Destruction, but that has become untenable. All sorts of post hoc rationalizations have been tried, with new ones appearing more and more often now.

Dan Rather vs. George W. Bush
Dan Rather had to apologize for making a news report based upon falsified information. He also had to apologize because, by all appearances, the information was so obviously bad that they never should have used it in the first place. Although CBS' culpability may be somewhat debatable here, it raises an interesting question: why don't conservatives hold Bush to the same standards?

Promoting Democracy... What Democracy??
A common argument heard from defenders of the president's policies in the Middle East is that we need to spread democracy there. There are two flaws with this: first, democracy already exists in Turkey without the attendant effects claimed of achieving democracy in Iraq; second, the administration hasn't pushed for democracy among allies in the war on terrorism.

Bush Backs Off Of Torturing Terror Suspects
A little while ago I wrote about a Republican bill in Congress that would authorize sending terrorism suspects to foreign countries where they could be tortured. Recent media attention to this has apparently caused President Bush to back away from it, leaving Congressional Republicans hanging out to dry.

Pier 57: Republican Police State
People arrested during the Republican National Convention were held in Pier 57, dubbed "Little Guantanamo." Did you know that Pier 57 was leased by the Republican Party for use by the police? That's right, The Republican Party set up their own detention facility to hold thousands of protestors without benefit of legal counsel - just like in Gauntanamo.

FOX News Revealed as Bush/Cheney Surrogates
Everyone knows that the FOX news channel is basically run as if it were an arm of the Republican Party, but it's rare to get an inside peek that demonstrates the extent to which this is true. After the debate between Dick Cheney and John Edwards, the Bush campaign sent out a "talking points" email that almost immediately came up in FOX reporting.

Republicans: Saddam Hussein Involved in 9/11 Attacks
Was Saddam Hussein involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C.? Despite the absence of any evidence that he was, quite a few people believe just this. Even more interesting is the fact that a significantly larger percentage of Republicans than of the general public believe this.

Who Wrote Allawi's Speech? Gov't Duplicity on Iraq
When interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi spoke before the U.S. Congress, many noticed just how similar his words were to the talking points harped upon by President Bush and suggested that perhaps the similarity was not coincidently. They were savaged by conservatives for this, but as it turns our their suspicions were entirely correct.

Texas: Bush's Anti-Consumer Tort Reforms
One of the centerpieces of George W. Bush's second term in office is supposed to be tort reform - at least, that is what he has been telling people But just how successful was the tort reform he instituted in his home state of Texas? Pretty awful, actually - if you are a consumer, that is.

Plutocracy in America
A plutocracy is a political system where power is concentrated in the hands of a small number of wealthy people, usually those with inherited wealth and wealthy families (plutocracies are often also aristocracies). America is supposed to be a democracy, where power is in the hands of all the people. Is George W. Bush trying to shift us from the latter to the former?

Bush's War on Gays Marches Forward
The Bush administration's efforts to roll back protections gays have against discrimination is proceeding on schedule, it appears. The Social Security Administration is working hard to delete from its labor contract language that prevents discrimination against people based upon sexual orientation.

Bush Campaigns For True Believers, Everyone Pays
The Bush re-election campaign consistently excludes from speeches and other campaign stops anyone suspected of not being a loyal Bush supporters. Anyone who wears or says the wrong things is kicked out, but as local citizens they are expected to help pay for those rallies - sometimes to the tune of several hundred dollars per minute.

Bush Supporter Stages Assault on Daughter
Phil Parlock claims that he and his three-year-old-daughter were assaulted by Kerry supporters when he tried to show support for Bush & Cheney at a John Edwards campaign stop. Curiously, Parlock has been assaulted twice before, both times under suspicious circumstances.

What Does Bush Really Believe?
George W. Bush is widely regarded as one of the most openly religious presidents in recent memory. That's almost certainly true, but it's interesting that however religious he may be, it's really not clear what exactly he really believes. He's been able to create the perception of religiosity without also having to explain what his religious beliefs are.

Remembering George W. Bush
One's former teachers are often a good source for praise and warm memories, but that isn't the case for Yoshi Tsurumi, one of George W. Bush's professors at Harvard. In fact, Tsurumi finally became a citizen after 25 years in America precisely so that he could vote against Bush in the 2004 election. Tsurumi seems to have little to nothing good to say about Bush's character or intellect.

Bush: Flip-Flopper?
The Bush campaign has been working overtime to paint John Kerry as a flip-flopper. This is ironic for two reasons. First, it's stupid to pretend that changing one's mind is necessarily wrong. Second, Bush recognizes this fact because he's changed on several important issues.

Terrorists Arrive in U.S., Bush Doesn't Mind
Last month, three terrorists arrived in the United States. They didn't sneak in, they used a regular commercial airline. They didn't try to hide their arrival, they were greeted by cheering crowds. The Bush administration not only didn't try to stop them, but it didn't even raise a hint of protest. Why?

Bush's Bait & Switch on Civil Liberties
President Bush has agreed to create a "President's Board on Safeguarding Americans' Civil Liberties," but it's a bait-and-switch game that won't protect anyone's civil liberties.

SS Punishing Reporters Who Interview Protesters
When President Bush visited Philadelphia, reporters who left the press area to talk to protestors were not allowed back. Why? America's SS (Secret Service) decided to punish those reporters for daring to get the opinions of people who disagreed with Bush.

Log Cabin Republicans Officially Withhold Endorsement of Bush
I've written more than once about the growing division between gay conservatives and the current leadership of the Republican Party. The Log Cabin Republicans were considering not endorsing George W. Bush for president - and that's exactly what they decided to do.

Bill Maher's New Rules
One of the things George W. Bush has pointed to as a defining moment of his presidency is 9/11 when terrorists attacked the United States. That, however, was a time of failure and sorrow - hardly the sort of thing one should be proud of, right?

Wrong Leadership vs. Strong Leadership
One of the reasons people seem to like George W. Bush as president is that he is a "strong" leader who sticks with a decision once he has made it. It is a mistake, however, to assume that sticking to one's decisions is always good because everyone makes bad decisions occasionally. One who appears to be a strong, resolute leader might simply be a wrong leader

George W. Bush Disobeyed a Direct Order?
Revelations about President Bush's National Guard service (or lack thereof) have been increasing over recent days, but one little item that has been reported on hasn't received the direct attention it deserves: Bush apparently defied a direct order from his commanding officer. That is a serious crime.

Who's Running the Show?
Who is responsible for the Republican Platform this year? Your guess is as good as anyone's - the Republican Party is keeping it all very quiet. This might seem strange, but it's quite consistent with the recent Republican trend towards secrecy under President Bush. It even causes problems for other Republicans.

Bush By the Numbers
George W. Bush has had over three years as president - how has he done? Well, in this period of time he has been able to accumulate quite a few statistics which provide decent insight into how he governs and what we might be in for should he be re-elected.

Administration Liar to Repay Salary?
As you may or may not have heard, the Bush administration deliberately deceived Congress when it came to their recent Medicare law, a law that Bush has been touting as an example of his leadership in domestic issues. Accurate figures as to the cost of the law were kept from our elected representatives - and the man responsible may have to forfeit a big chunk of his salary as penalty.

Bush in Hands of Religious Right
One of the problems for conservatives who aren't also members of the Christian Right (this includes many social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, philosophical conservatives, etc.) is the fact that President George W. Bush is a member of the Christian Right - and the Christian Right basically controls the Republican Party.

Facts Are Just So Complex
The facts of real life can be rather complex, but surely we can expect our president to get facts right and demonstrate some basic understanding of them, right? Apparently not - at least not if President Bush's convention speech is any indication.

George W. Bush as CEO
Sometimes people like to compare the running of a country with the running of a business. This is a false comparison because the country doesn't exist to make a profit, it exists to do inefficient things like preserve freedom. However, because such comparisons tend to come from conservatives, it's worth asking whether President Bush has been successful as America's CEO.

Cheney: Vote for Kerry, Invite Terrorist Attacks
Republican scare tactics are continuing with Vice President Dick Cheney now claiming that a vote for John Kerry / John Edwards is essentially a vote that invites terrorists to come and attack America again. If that's true, why not make it illegal to vote for anyone other than George W. Bush and Dick Cheney? That's the authoritarian logic of such asinine statements.

Bush AWOL?
Stories about whether George W. Bush really fulfilled his National Guard duty in the early 1970s have been circulating for a long time. The American media failed to do their job in really investigating it before Bush was elected in 2000, but a few news outlets seem to be working on it now - and the results aren't pretty.

Bush: War on Terror Can't be Won
Can the War on Terrorism be won? Most rational observers have noted that it obviously can't be "won" in any traditional sense. Terrorism is a weapon, not an enemy, and so long as there is someone willing to pick up a weapon and induce fear to achieve a political goal, terrorism will exist. It can't be eliminated. At most, it can be reduced (which is a good thing). What does President Bush think?

Gay Republicans Feel Betrayed by Bush
There are around one million gay Republicans in America and they haven't been too happy lately. Although conservative in disposition, they haven't felt too welcome in America's ostensibly conservative party. What I wonder is, though, what ever made them think that they would be welcome there?

Gay Republicans Withhold Bush Endorsement
People who have been paying attention to the relationship between the Bush administration and gay Republicans have at least half-expected this for a while, but now it's official: the Log Cabin Republicans (organization of gay Republicans) has decided to withhold its endorsement from George W. Bush.

Dick Cheney's Vegetative State
When you go shopping, do you pay what the vendor tells you owe or do you make your own determination as to how much would be fair? If you answered with the first option, you obviously aren't the vice-president of the United States - he doesn't bother to find out what the price of something is. He simply pays whatever he wants and then leaves.

Bush Opposes First Amendment
One of Bush's refrains in the war on terrorism is that America's enemies hate America because it is a nation that is free and promotes freedom. Insofar as such freedoms conflict with religious fundamentalism, he has a point. If he really believes in freedom, though, why does he want to kill freedom by undermining the First Amendment?

Catholic Advisor Quits Bush Campaign
Deal Hudson is a conservative Catholic who has done a lot to create public pressure on liberal Catholics, including John Kerry, by attacking their religious and moral character. Now he is on the defense and has had to resign as the Catholic advisor to Bush's re-election campaign. Why? For sexually harassing a student (some would call it assault) at Fordham University where he used to teach.

Christian Leaders Object to Bush Tactics
Secularists aren't the only ones distressed that President Bush would try to use churches to help him get re-elected. Religious leaders are themselves outraged, and they have every right to be. Even if there were no church/state issues involved, it just shows how cynical and manipulative the administration is when it comes to religious people.

Bush Soft-Peddling Religion
Recently President Bush's reelection strategy has seemed to focus upon energizing the "base" - the conservative evangelicals expected to vote for him anyway, assuming that they come out to vote at all. Moderates and centrists were ignored. Now, however, Bush may be softening his religious rhetoric in order to appeal those in the middle.

Report on Bush's Faith-Based Changes
Researchers at the Rockefeller Institute of Government in Albany, N.Y. have compiled an interesting study on President Bush's various faith-based initiatives. They specifically focus on how Bush has worked behind the backs of legislators - which is curious, considering how often he complains about judges working behind the backs of legislators.

Is the Republican Party Crumbling?
There is some concern about what is going on in the Republican Party. The Christian Right wants to go in one direction while moderates, fiscal conservatives, and traditional conservatives would like to go in another. Will the center hold? Will they be able to maintain their coalition?

Tax Cuts, Tax Cuts, Tax Cuts
When George W. Bush was running for president, he promoted tax cuts as appropriate during a strong economy. After he took office and the economy was doing poorly, he promoted tax cuts as a remedy. No matter what the situation, Bush has promoted tax cuts as if they would be the right thing to do. Well, he got the cuts - so now what?

GOP Seeking Amish Vote
Religious groups like the Amish and the Mennonites aren't usually subject of election-year stories - after all, their numbers are small so their influence isn't considered great enough to warrant much political attention. This year, though, a great deal hinges upon just a few votes in key states like Pennsylvania and Ohio - states where the Amish are concentrated

Hello, God? It's Me, Dubya
President Bush seems to spend a lot of time talking to God and even hearing back from God, even to the point of receiving specific political advice. But why, if God and Bush are such close buddies, doesn't God tell Bush that the next election is a sure thing?

NBC Protecting the President from Critics
Most people might expect the news media to at least try to be somewhat independent when it comes to politics - you know, willing to participate in critiques and strong questioning of those on every part of the political spectrum. NBC, however, has taken steps to prevent public criticism of President Bush.

Bush Given Sermon on Material Wealth
George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush ended up hearing a sermon that was highly critical of material wealth and prestige. This is very much in keeping with Christian traditions and teachings, which makes the fact that this sermon is newsworthy itself very newsworthy - because it reflects the sad state of American Christianity.

Pro-Choice Citizens Booted from Bush Rally
If you have any thoughts about attending a rally for President George W. Bush to hear him speak, be advised that you won't be allowed to stay if there is any chance that you might express any views contrary to his. In Bush's America, there is no dissent or disagreement permitted within his sight

Bush Opposes "Legacy"? College Admissions
Taking questions about affirmative action programs, President Bush stated that the only reason a person should be admitted to college is on "merits," explicitly rejecting the common practice of "legacy" admissions. Of course, Bush himself benefited from a legacy admission and he didn't bother to define what he means by "merit."

Bush Administration Outs Al-Qaeda Double-Agent
You might not have read about an important news story that developed over the weekend because much of the mainstream media has been ignoring it. Apparently, the Bush administration outed a spy who had infiltrated Al Qaeda in order to justify the most recent terror alert increase.

Bush Camp Demands Race of Photographer
Mamta Popat is an Arizona Daily Star journalist who had been assigned to photograph Vice President Dick Cheney - at least, until President Bush's re-election campaign decided they needed to know Popat's race. The Star refused and, after a couple of calls, Popat was allowed to do his job. The Star, however, is really annoyed - as they should be.

Discussion: George W. Bush was a Deserter?
"It turns out that Bush was given an honorable discharge from the Texas Air National Guard in October 1973 despite the fact he had not fulfilled requirements his last two years, including five whole months of being AWOL. ... When he failed to appear for the medical, he was a non-locatee, i.e., a deserter ... which meant he was immediately eligible to be drafted into the regular military.

Bush & Bush Punishing Critical Journalists
President Bush has not treated critical journalists very well - he doesn't seem to like it when reporters fail to merely parrot the government's (mis)information. That's what most of the media has been doing, unfortunately, despite the fact that it's contrary to their duty as journalists.

Bush Courts Catholic Vote
President Bush is actively chasing the Catholic vote for the upcoming election, hoping that he can get as many conservative Catholics to vote for him as is possible, despite the fact that he rejects much in the way of Catholic social policies. He does, however, agree with certain extremist positions of far-right Catholics.

Cheney Demanded Endorsement Pledge from Democrats
Sometimes Democrats are interested in hearing what Republican politicians have to say - but if you want to hear Vice President Dick Cheney speak, you'll have to sign an endorsement pledge (loyalty oath?) first. That's what some Democrats discovered when they wanted to attend a Cheney speech in New Mexico.

Church of Bush
A number of conservatives treat George W. Bush with what appears to be almost religious reverence - no matter how often his actions conflict with his words, they insist on believing that his words reflect the "real" Bush and that his actions are misunderstood (or not his fault). Why is that?

Conflict Within the NRA
The Republican Party typically support gun-ownership rights and the National Rifle Association typically supports the GOP. Now, however, there is some real conflict within the ranks because NRA members don't just care about guns, they care about the wild areas where they can hunt - areas the Bush administration is not protecting.

Whither American Conservatism?
Consistent with past Republican candidates, George W. Bush is attacking his opponent John Kerry by pasting him with the "liberal" label every chance he gets. Kerry, however, has portrayed himself as a "conservative," at least when it comes to certain issues? Who is right? Kerry seems to be - because he is using "conservative" in a more traditional way.

George W. Bush: The Undemocratic President
There have been a lot of criticisms of President Bush and the manner in which both he and the Republican Party have governed America for the past four years. Some of those criticisms are unfair and unreasonable, but there remains at their core an important point to be made: the current administration is far less democratic than it should be.

Bush's Electoral Strategy
In most presidential elections, candidates take the support of their "base" for granted and fight it out to get the votes of centrist, independent, and undecided voters. Thus, when campaigning they always move towards the center in order to be more appealing to a broader range of voters. George W. Bush is doing just the opposite - but why?

Class Warfare as a Republican Tactic
One of the most common tactics used by Republican politicians and candidates is to accuse Democrats of relying on "class warfare." Whenever Democrats raise the issue of the inequity of income distribution, for example, that's just "class warfare" and presumably inappropriate. Why, then, do Republicans use their own class warfare tactics?

Fukuyama & Bush
Francis Fukuyama is a well-known academic, especially in political science circles because he is considered one of the "founding fathers" of the neo-conservative movement that has come to dominate the Bush administration. Guess who he will be voting for in November? It's not George...

Bush Looking for Catholic Parish Directories
Not content with getting Protestant church directories, the Bush reelection campaign is now trying to get their hands on Catholic parish directories as well. This seems to be sparking similar complaints and outrage as the Protestant effort.

10 Reasons to Fire Bush
The Republican Party is made up of many different conservatives: social conservatives, economic conservatives, religious conservatives, and conservative libertarians. They often disagree on many different things, but they get enough of what they want out of the GOP to stick together. This year, though, things are breaking up a bit - especially among libertarians.

Bush Doesn't Believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace?
Throughout the war on terrorism, President Bush has taken great pains to try and reassure Muslims that American intentions in the Middle East do not include a war on Islam. Not all Muslims have believed him, but at least he has tried to separate terrorism from Islam. Certain American conservatives, though, think that this is just a political ruse.

Bush: God Speaks Through Me
I've written before about how George W. Bush believes that God gives him instructions about whom the American military should be told to attack and that he is doing God's work in the world. At a recent meeting with a Pennsylvania Amish family, Bush repeated his belief that God speaks through him.

President Bush Receiving Orders from God?
In an article about the Middle East peace efforts, Haaretz.com quotes Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas saying that President Bush told him: "God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did..."

Limbaugh Denounces Bush as Communist
Has Rush Limbaugh really denounced President George W. Bush as a communist? Well, not quite. Actually he's tried to denounce John Kerry as a communist, but the means by which he has done so would entail that Bush is just as much of a communist or a communist sympathizer.

Bush Judicial Appointee: Wives Should Be Subservient
Arkansas lawyer J. Leon Holmes has been confirmed by the Senate and, hence, appointed to the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Arkansas. President Bush pushed hard for this appointment, but many objected strongly to him why?

Couple Arrested for Anti-Bush T-Shirts
Has it become a crime to protest the president and his administration? Has it become illegal to attend a speech by President Bush and express your disagreement with his policies? Apparently it has - at least, that's what a couple in West Virginia experienced. They were removed from the area before his speech for nothing more than wearing T-shirts with the message "Love America, Hate Bush."?

Bush-Cheney Calendar of Holy Days and Days of Obligation
The recent revelation that the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign has set target dates for volunteers to do things with their churches like turn over church directories, hold pot-luck dinners, and so forth has led to a lot of criticism. Some, though, might recommend that they create a full calendar of Holy Days and Days of Obligation for their faithful.

God no Democrat, Jesus Prefers Bush
It seems to be a regular occurrence to find someone claiming, explicitly or implicitly, that God and/or Jesus is a support of President George W. Bush and that the godly/Christian thing to do is to follow the Will of God by voting for Bush in November. Is this hubris? Foolish?

July Surprise?
There are new reports from multiple sources that the Bush administration has been leaning heavily on the government of Pakistan to deliver "high quality"? targets from Al-Qaeda or the Taliban. Specifically, they want such targets delivered at the end of July - and it's just a coincidence that that happens to be when the Democratic National Convention takes place.

Christian Soldiers vs. Mainstream Churches
By now you have probably read about President Bush's efforts to enlist the aid of conservative evangelical Christians to get reelected. His campaign is making a major push to get their support, but in the process he seems to be marginalizing the so-called Mainline Churches. Will this backfire?

Religion and the 2004 Election
Both Catholics and non-Catholics were taken aback when they learned that the president, hat in hand, approached Vatican officials to ask that they get the American bishops in line for the sake of his reelection. There's something reminiscent of Oliver Twist in this image, with the president made even smaller by asking"more, sir?"? from a cardinal who couldn't have known what to do with him.

Southern Baptists Angry at Bush Tactics
I wrote recently about President Bush and his reelection campaign asking volunteers to turn over church directories to make it easier to contact people. Well, it seems that this and other recent acts by the administration have angered even the Southern Baptist Convention.

Bush Campaign Asking For Church Directories
If you attend a church, President Bush's reelection campaign may soon know a lot more about you than you want. They have sent out a directive instructing volunteers that, by a certain date, they must send back their church directories, have campaign-related potluck dinners with church members, and recruit more campaign volunteers from their churches.

Republicans Plan Catholic Outreach Tour
President Bush's visit to the Vatican and request to get American bishops to fall in line behind him doesn't appear to have worked, so now Bush is looking to reach out to Catholic voters directly, bypassing their clergy entirely. I wonder how many will falls for it?

Anti-Abortion Doctor Re-appointed to FDA Panel
W. David Hager, a Kentucky obstetrician and evangelical Christian who has been an outspoken opponent of abortion, stem-cell research, and so many other modern advances in reproductive medicine will re reappointed to the Food and Drug Administration's advisory panel on reproductive drugs. Naturally, there have been a lot of complaints about this.

Scientists Must Ask Permission to Consult with WHO
There's a new development in the continuing saga of the Bush administration's efforts to politicize science and warp scientific research to make it compatible with their political agenda: American scientists must seek permission from political appointees before lending scientific expertise to the UN's World Health Organization.

Church Endorses Bush, Gets USD $1 million 'Faith-Based'? Grant
One of the criticisms of President Bush's 'faith-based'? programs is the manner in which they threaten to politicize churches and religious organizations. Instead of focusing on religious worship and charitable efforts, they must instead focus on political pandering and electioneering in order to keep the government largesse flowing. Did I say 'threaten'??

Politics of Hate
One of the political issues getting attention recently is the comparison between 'Clinton hating'? and 'Bush hating.' Conservatives who let loose with a lot of invective towards Clinton have in turn complained about the invective launched towards President Bush. Is there a contradiction here?

Republican Tactics on Judicial Nominations
For months conservative Republicans complained bitterly about Democratic Senators blocking President Bush's judicial nominations. It didn't matter that only a very few were blocked (far more of Clinton's nominations were blocked). Now, maybe we know why: the point all along was to create an election issue, not to govern.

From Saddam to Sodomy (Satire)
Now that the physical liberation of Iraq from tyranny has been completed, next up should be the sexual liberation of Iraq. Apparently that is what our soldiers have been involved in with the so-called "sexual abuse"? of prisoners. Rush was right: it really is like fraternity hazing, except that our sexually liberated troops are trying to loosen up the Iraqis.

Pro-Life vs. Sexual & Reproductive Rights
Ever since George W. Bush took office he has been pushing a hard anti-abortion line in international affairs, pulling the United States out of cooperation with other nations or organizations if even abortion counseling is offered in any fashion. The recent attempt to write anti-abortion language into a recent document on women's rights, though, has failed.

Remembering Mayberry
Have you ever watched the "Andy Griffith Show"? I've seen perhaps three or four episodes. It's one of those old shows that expresses a lot of traditional American values as they were generally expressed during the 1950s. It's the sort of show that many conservatives would argue should represent American values today. Funny how just the opposite has happened.

Bush, Abortion, and Dictatorships
The Bush administration refuses to be associated with any international programs linked to abortion. The "Global Gag Rule,"? for example, prohibits foreign NGOs that receive US funds from using even their own money to provide legal abortion services, lobby for liberalized abortion laws, or even provide abortion counseling and referrals. Why is abortion worse than dictators?

Bush Demands Biblical Marriages
President Bush has come out strongly in favor of a Constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriages. Why? He seems to think that traditional marriage is threatened by the existence of same-sex couples who love each other and want a stable, committed relationship.

Bill Kristol on Political Funerals
Remember Paul Wellstone? A lot of political conservatives complained because they felt that his funeral was used for partisan politics. Now that Ronald Reagan has died, it is interesting to see how many of the same conservatives argue how appropriate it is to use his funeral and death for political purposes.

Bush Administration: Unique Moral Failings?
A number of criticisms using superlative language have been leveled against the Bush administration, for example that they are the most corrupt administration in history. There may be some debate about the fairness of such charges, but perhaps not with another charge: that the Bush administration is guilty of 'unique and unprecedented'? moral failings.

Bush Snubs Gay Pride Month
June is Gay Pride Month, but President Bush has refused to issue a proclamation recognizing it as such. Some groups are planning activities, but not agency officials are able to offer any sort of official support without such a proclamation, which shows just how important it is and why people should care.

Team Bush On a Crusade?
The Bush administration is trying to keep close ties to religious groups in the belief that they are the only means by which the election can be won. As a consequence, the separation between church and state suffers.

Having it His Way
Politics has been described as the art of compromise: in order to effectively run a government, it is necessary for people of different political positions to give in here and there in order to craft policies and laws that everyone can live with, even if they aren't completely happy about it. President Bush, however, doesn't seem to believe in that.

Bushido: The Way of the Armchair Warrior
President Bush and his administration have come under a lot of criticism for their handling of... well, for their handling of just about everything when it comes to foreign policy. Arguably, though, Bush's strategy has not been based upon the evangelical Christianity assumed by so many but, rather, his own personal implementation of 'Zen'? philosophy.

Bush Seeks Vatican Help to Get Reelected
In a step regarded by many as unprecedented. President Bush has actually asked the Vatican for help in getting re-elected. In 1960 a Catholic candidate assured the American public that he would not govern according to Vatican demands; today, an evangelical Protestant has requested help from the Vatican and made promises about his policies in return.

Does President Bush Support Our Troops?
We regularly hear about how important it is for us to 'support our troops' who are fighting abroad. That is certainly reasonable; however, doesn't it make even more sense for the government to support our troops as well? Arguably, the Bush administration has fallen well short of that.

Bush Refuses to Denounce Torture?
The non-denial denial is an art form in politics. A good politician can appear to deny an charge without technically denying what is really going on. When it comes to questions about the use of torture, President Bush appears to have this skill down pat.

Brit Hume: Campaign Manager for Bush?
Has Brit Hume, chief Washington correspondent and managing editor for FOX News, become a campaign worker or manager for President George W. Bush?

Are You Safer Than You Were 4 Years Ago?
One of the most memorable moments of Ronald Regan's 1979 presidential campaign was when he asked, during a debate with Jimmy Carter, whether people were better off than they were four years ago. A similar question could be asked in the 2003 campaign: are you safer than you were four years ago? Probably not.

Bush Not Bound By Antitorture Laws?
Earlier I wrote about the memos from John Yoo and White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales arguing for not including Guantanamo Bay prisoners under the Geneva Conventions so that their treatment wouldn’t lead to war crimes charges. Now there is a new memo which goes much further: it explains how administration officials could avoid prosecution for breaking laws against torture.

Texas Taliban Speaks
Republicans in Texas have held their convention and drafted their platform, revealing that they have lost none of the extremism they have become known for in recent years. They continue to push for and promote what would be a very theocratic vision of America.

Bush Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy?
Much of the campaign to reelect George W. Bush is being based upon his record against terrorism - but how much of his foreign policy ultimately helps the cause of terrorism and anti-American activity? More than people may realize.

Unprecedented Negativity of the Bush Reelection Campaign
Negativity is pretty natural in political campaigns. There's nothing inherently wrong with pointing out problems in a rival candidate - but it is a problem when negativity takes over, as it seems to be doing with President Bush's reelection campaign. It's being called the most negative campaign in history.

Bush Trumpets Programs He Wanted Cut
We are accustomed to the cynical and self-serving actions of politicians - for example, how they might promote social programs they don't really believe in merely because they hope it will get them votes. But how much cynicism is required for a politician to try to get re-elected based upon programs they tried to eliminate?

Bush Campaign Advisor: Gets All Her Information from Rush
Mary Matalin is the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign adviser, a former assistant to President George W. Bush, and a former counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney. She also regards Rush Limbaugh's show as the place where she gets all the information she needs.

Evading Hypothetical Questions
There seems to be a growing tendency among politicians and some others to refuse to answer direct and difficult questions based upon the argument that they are only 'hypothetical.'? Because they don't describe an actual and current situation, they somehow don't merit an answer. But is that a reasonable position to take?

Big Donor Gets Special Access to Bush, Gets Rules Changed
Do those who donate lots of money to political candidates get better access and more control than those who don’t? Politicians claim they don’t, but a recent case involving shop towels and a laundry company that cleans them demonstrates quite clearly that big donors get special treatment - and to the detriment of everyone else.

Strip Clubs Battling Bush
George W. Bush has a new political opponent in the race for presidency: strip clubs! Yes, a strip club owners have started a campaign to register their patrons to vote and encourage them to vote for John Kerry in the upcoming presidential election. Will it make any impact?

The Fraud of "Sound Science"
The Bush administration has undermined science for the sake of politics quite a few times over the past four years. What is important to understand, though, is that there is nothing unusual about this - George W. Bush is simply following the path laid out by Republicans and conservatives through the 1980s and 1990s.

Administration Consults with ‘Rapture Christians‘? Over Israel
Many people will think that I must be joking, and I wish I were - but if the evidence is true, the Bush administration has been consulting with ‘Rapture Christians‘? about foreign policy. Specifically, administration officials have met with the ‘Apostolic Congress‘ about upcoming moves regarding Israel and the Palestinians.

Leftist Plot to Get Bush
Although there are many complaints about bias in the "liberal media," one doesn't often hear about bias in the "conservative media." The Washington Times, in particular, has a long history of spinning material in ways that are unusually favorable to conservatives and unusually harsh on liberals.

Islam & the Bush Administration
One would expect that, before invading Iraq, President George W. Bush and his administration would have made sure that they had a good understanding about the cultural, ethnic, and religious situation. Such an understanding would, after all, make it easier to arrive at sound, productive decisions about how to proceed. But did they?

Bush Prayer Event: Just an Election Ploy?
President Bush held a ceremony at the White House to commemorate the National Day of Prayer, undermining the notion that this not a means for creating the impression that the government gives its official approval to conservative, evangelical Christianity. But while evangelical Christians are using the day to get something from the government, did Bush use it to get something as well?

Consequences of a Second Bush Administration
There were many fears that the election of George W. Bush to the presidency would mean a sharp tilt to the right on the Supreme Court after he nominated a Supreme Court Justice or two - but that never happened. For whatever reason, no one retired. The chances of that happening through a second Bush term is rather unlikely, however. So what might happen...?

Einstein Responsible for School Shootings?
It's common for the Christian Right to try and blame Charles Darwin and evolution for all of the problems that afflict society, but it's rather uncommon for them to try to blame Albert Einstein. It's bad enough that they misunderstand and misrepresent evolutionary theory, but now some find it politically useful to do the same with Einstein.

Gay Republicans & George W. Bush
Although gays certainly don't constitute a very large or dominant force within the Republican Party, there are quite a few of them and their ideas have been growing in influence. They aren't content to remain meek and silent in the face of efforts to restrict their basic civil rights - and this is causing rifts between them and the Republican leadership, including President Bush.

Evildoers Have No Souls
Do religious fanatics have souls or consciences? Not according to President George W. Bush - at least, not so long as the fanatics are Muslims. Unfortunately for Bush, such a position is neither theologically nor morally defensible. It does, however, betray Bush's fundamental failure to understand what sort of situation he is dealing with.

Bush's Responsibilities
What matters most - government policies on stem cell research or dealing with possible terrorist attacks on the United States? Most people will say the latter - but despite warnings of terrorists having a strong interest in attacking the United States, President Bush went on vacation then went to work promoting his policy on stem cell research.

Evildoers Have No Souls
Do religious fanatics have souls or consciences? Not according to President George W. Bush - at least, not so long as the fanatics are Muslims. Unfortunately for Bush, such a position is neither theologically nor morally defensible. It does, however, betray Bush's fundamental failure to understand what sort of situation he is dealing with.

Bush's Religious War
Most people are probably aware that religion is very important in President George W. Bush's life and in the development of his policies. Bush reads the Bible daily and biblical language influences the language he uses. But is this for good or for ill?

Bush: Doing God's Work
There has been quite a lot of negative commentary on President George W. Bush's recent press conference. Even some of Bush's supporters were disappointed by his lackluster performance. One thing that should be of particular interest to atheists and skeptics, however, is Bush's apparent insistence that he and America are doing God's own work in Iraq.

President Bush's Religion
Many in America regard President George W. Bush's religious beliefs to be one of his most important features. For supporters, it means that he shares their religious values. For opponents, it means that he endorses a right-wing theocratic agenda. Is either group correct?

Faith-Based Criticisms of Bush
President Bush shouldn't have let anyone in his administration respond to John Kerry's comments about faith and works. If they had kept quiet, the words would have simply disappeared off the political radar; the harsh response, however, has kept them alive and revealed just how nasty the Bush administration can be whenever anyone challenges them.

Bush: Holier than Thou?
There are many, both on the left and on the right, who regard George W. Bush as the most religious and most pious president that America has ever had. But is that really true? Is there any basis for saying that religion means more to Bush than to anyone else who has been president? No.

Is Bush Really Pro-Life?
President George W. Bush is widely treated in conservative circles as a "pro-life" president, an image which helps him out quite a bit among Catholic voters. But is this image really true to reality? Perhaps not.

Political Speech Squashed in Texas
Have you ever worn a button expressing a political viewpoint? You probably shouldn't if you ever go down to Crawford, Texas, where President George W. Bush's ranch is located. There, five people were arrested and fined for violating a "parade and procession" ordinance: they we wearing anti-Bush buttons, and that was apparently enough.

Hamas Chief: Bush is Enemy of God
President George W. Bush and his fellow Republicans like themselves as the most religious and godly of Americans. They frequently make references to the idea that God is not only on the side of America, but that God actually has a strong preference for the Republican Party. But what if they are wrong? Islamic militants believe that they are wrong and claim that God actually supports them.

Earlier News and Commentary about President George W. Bush
Much has been written about the influence that evangelical Christians have on the White House generally and President George W. Bush specifically. What does that influence really mean and how have evangelicals exercised their power?

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