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Templar Knights

Illustrations, Pictures, Woodcuts


Knights Templar
Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon

Founder: Hugh de Payens

1118: Founded
1128: Formal Rule Granted
October 13, 1307: Hundreds of Templars arrested and tortured in France
1312: Officially Suppressed
1314: Last Templars executed in France

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Templar Knights in Various Outfits, ArmorWho Were the Knights Templar?Templar Knight in ArmorSecrets of the Knights TemplarKnights Templar Church in Luz, FranceJealously of the Knights TemplarJacques de Molay is burned stake on an island in the river Seine in ParisJacques de Molay: the Last Templar Knight?
Knights Templar InsigniaLegends about the Knights Templar
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