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Christianism, Christian Privilege, Christian Supremacy: Christianism in America


Christian Nationalism, Christianism in America:

One of the most significant developments in American Christianity in recent years has been Christian Nationalism. An ill-begotten blend of extreme nationalism and even more extreme Christianity, it would supplant liberal democracy with illiberal theocracy. Few Christians are conscious adherents of this ideology (also known as Christianism, Christian Supremacy, Dominion Theology, and Christian Reconstructionism), but many have been seduced by milder forms like Christian Privilege.

Christian Privilege & Religious Privilge:

Most battles in the Christian Right’s so-called Culture Wars can be best understood if seen as attempts to reassert and enforce Christian privilege in modern society. One of the hallmarks of modernity has been the rooting out of various forms of illegitimate privilege, with Christian and religious privilege being among the last.

Christianism, Christian Nationalism, and Christian Supremacy:

Christian Supremacy encompasses a moral attitude and a political program. Morally, it is the idea that Christianity is superior to other religions, and therefore, that Christians are superior to non-Christians. Politically, it is an agenda to get America’s political institutions to reflect this by favoring Christians over non-Christians.

Christian Reconstructionism, Dominion Theology, and the Christian Right:

The Christian Right doesn't accept the doctrine that American law and public institutions must be governed like a theocracy, but it accepts most Reconstructionist theories, premises, and solutions.
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