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Punishing the Seven Deadly Sins

What Punishments Wait in Hell for Committing the Seven Deadly Sins?


In Christian tradition, sins which have the most serious impact on spiritual development have been classified as "deadly sins." Which sins qualify for this category have varied - Christian theologians have developed different lists of the most serious sins which people might commit. Gregory the Great created what is considered today to be the definitive list of seven: pride, envy, anger, dejection, avarice, gluttony and lust.

Although each can inspire troubling behavior, that isn't always the case. Anger, for example, can be justified as a response to injustice and as a motivation to achieve justice. Moreover, this list fails to address behaviors which actually harm others and instead focuses on motivations: torturing and killing someone isn't a "deadly sin" if one is motivated by love rather than anger. The "seven deadly sins" are thus not only deeply flawed, but have encouraged deeper flaws in Christian morality and theology.

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Punishing the Prideful: Punishment in Hell for the Deadly Sin of Pride is to be Broken on the WheelPunishing Pride and the PridefulPunishing the Envious: Punishment in Hell for the Deadly Sin of Envy: Immersed in Freezing WaterPunishing Envy and the EnviousPunishing the Gluttonous: Punishment in Hell for Gluttony: Force-Fed Rats, Toads, SnakesPunishing Gluttony and the GluttonousPunishing the Lustful: Punishment in Hell for the Deadly Sin of Lust: Smothered in Fire, BrimstonePunishing Lust and the Lustful
Punishing the Angry: Punishment in Hell for the Deadly Sin of Anger is to be Dismembered AlivePunishing Anger and the AngryPunishing the Greedy: Punishment in Hell for the Deadly Sin of Greed is to be Boiled Alive in OilPunishing Greed and the GreedyPunishing the Slothful: Punishment in Hell for the Deadly Sin of Sloth: Thrown into a Snake PitPunishing Sloth and the Slothful
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