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Book Reviews: Afterlife, Life after Death, Reincarnation, Mortality

Is this life the only one we have? When our bodies die, is that the end for us as individuals or does something unique to us - like a soul - live on and continue to experience events? Most people have believed in an afterlife but many others have rejected such a notion, arguing that we are fully mortal and after our deaths, there is no more life. Reviewed here are books that address claims about an afterlife, mostly from a critical perspective.
  1. Apparitions and Haunting...
  2. Life After Death: Resources

Merely Mortal? Can You Survive Your Own Death?
What happens when we die? Is that the end for us - the end of experience, the end of living? Or is it rather correct to say that somehow, something of us survives - that we "live" on in some fashion and do not really encounter a final or total end of ourselves? This is the central question in Antony Flew's most recent work, tackling the issue...

Mortalism: Readings on the Meaning of Life
Are we mortal or are we somehow immortal? Do our lives have a final and inevitable ending, or will we live on forever? Questions about the ultimate fate of our lives have animated the work of philosophers, poets, authors, and scientists for generations, yet much of the time we hear from those who favor the position of immortalism.

The Death and Afterlife Book
When we die, is that it? Is that the end, or is there some form of "life" after our physical death? Most people and most religions have believed in some form of afterlife - but what exactly have they believed and why?

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