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Great Quotations on Religious Freedom

Meaning of Religious Freedom

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Great Quotations on Religious Freedom

Great Quotations on Religious Freedom, Albert J. Menendez and Edd Doerr

I'd like to include a few of my favorite quotes from the book, but there are two many for that. I will, however, mention this one:

    "Religious liberty does not mean the freedom of a religious sect or a combination of groups to organize for a political takeover and impose religious beliefs or requirements upon minorities."

This was written by Paul D. Simmon in his 2000 book Freedom of Conscience. I don't mention it here simply because I reviewed the book and had a chance to interview him about it; rather, I quote it because it highlights a very important confusion regarding religious freedom. There are quite a few people in the United States who seem to think that when they are not able to impose their beliefs on others, their religious freedom is being imposed upon. They need to be helped to understand that religious freedom applies to all, even religious minorities, and that the imposition of beliefs or requirements upon others is a violation of *their freedom.

The book does have some flaws - most importantly regarding the indexing of the quotes. There is a very good section of quotes from various court decisions regarding religious liberty, but it is only indexed by case name and not by the judge who wrote the decision. Thus, if you want to find out what Supreme Court Justice Walter Brennan has written regarding religious liberty, you won't find his name in the index. Instead, you simply have to skim through the decisions in an effort to find him.

Great Quotations on Religious Freedom

Great Quotations on Religious Freedom, Albert J. Menendez and Edd Doerr

Nevertheless, the book is still an excellent source of information - indeed, it is a source which is essentially without real parallel. There is just so much here regarding what various people have said about religious liberty and religious freedom - there is even a section of quotes from those who have opposed religious liberty. No other book gathers together so much in one place, making it invaluable to people who debate and discuss these issues.

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