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Morality Matters, by Roger Trigg

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Morality Matters, by Roger Trigg

Morality Matters, by Roger Trigg

Does morality matter? It’s difficult to see how it wouldn’t, but in an age when relativism has gained such widespread currency that may not be the case. After all, if every moral choice is equally valid, how can moral choices really matter at all? That isn’t very credible, though, which is a good reason to doubt the validity of relativism


Title: Morality Matters
Author: Roger Trigg
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
ISBN: 0631235957

•  Cogent and insightful critiques of relativistic morality
•  Makes a strong case for the importance of reason and rationality in moral debates

•  Unnecessarily extreme depiction of relativism
•  Unnecessary and inexplicable generalizations about liberalism

•  Analysis of the nature of morality
•  Critique of relativistic positions on moral issues
•  Argues that morality is important and fundamental to all aspects of life


Book Review

As a matter of fact, the basic premises of relativism require, in some ways, a rejection of the conclusions of relativism. After all, moral relativism depends upon certain values which, if completely relative, don’t allow for any definitive conclusions:

    “No one can consistently use moral language, except in the most cynical way, without recognizing that it intrinsically makes judgments, calls on reasons which are applicable to everyone, and rules out some possibilities.”

It is the nature of moral judgments and the role they play in our everyday lives that lies at the center of Roger Tigg’s book Morality Matters. This title is a play on words: the book is about matters related to morality and an attempt to argue that morality really does matter after all, regardless of what some may argue. Ultimately, Tigg argues that while morality may involve a lot of very difficult issues, the solution is not to flee from them into relativism but to insist upon rational standards when making moral decisions.

    “The issue is whether moral judgments can be made rationally, and should be influenced by anything outside our own arbitrary will. Can they be open to discussion and argument? Otherwise moral beliefs become mere facts about individuals or groups. Some have some preferences, or desires, while others have different ones. ...Morality matters, not just because it should govern our personal behavior and the way we treat others. It should provide the context in which all affairs are conducted, and nations governed.”
Morality Matters, by Roger Trigg

Morality Matters, by Roger Trigg

Quite a lot of what Tigg has to say on morality involves government and political decisions. Law is, he argues, necessarily bound to morality. We shouldn’t want it any other way, in fact. Laws created out of moral interests are far better than the alternatives, for example laws created purely for commercial interests. The language of law and politics is the language of morality because people are making claims on to what extent they should be permitted to find their own way in life and to what extent others should be hindered from interfering.

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morality matters, Member happyadvance

After reading and making some signs which appealed to me ,I wrote them all down,then I realised""morality matters""which is a perfect title and summory of the books and the answer the all problems from poltics to lawand to social sciance.The great side is that the author has notices and describes the problems in a perfect contest that one can get answers.The book is an excellent piece can be ever written for the comtemporary time.I found the answer of rationality in social science,for instance law which everybody adores as a defender of rights,is also arbitrary.Then only solution an ethical life ,which how we can achieve is the only question I ask the author,because people know human rights and law but not ethics... I recommed it to anybody to concern about life,problems...

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