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Godless Living in America: What Can the Godless Do in a Religious Society?


What Does it Take to Live a Godless Life in America?:

Godless Americans are much like other people in America: they grow up, date, get married, raise children, celebrate holidays, and all the other things which religious theists do. Godless Americans simply do it all without the sort of structures provided by religion or theism. For many religious theists, this may seem impossible; for godless Americans, it's just the normal way to live. Some can experience difficulty, though, because so much of American society is set up to privilege religious beliefs and religious behavior. Living a godless life in America is possible, but it's not always easy.

Godless Living for Irreligious Atheists: Enjoying the Good Life Without Gods:

It's common for religious theists to be incredulous at the idea that a person could not just live, but enjoy life without believing in any gods and without following any religion. Because of this, religious theists also often make all kinds of assumptions about irreligious atheists and the sorts of lives they must lead. These assumptions are rarely, if ever, true. Religious theists need to learn that neither their theism nor their religion are necessary to living a satisfying, fulfilling, and happy life. Godless Living for Godless Atheists...

Can Godless Atheists Be Patriotic? Godless Patriotism:

It’s impossible to address whether godless atheists can be patriotic Americans without first addressing what might constitute American patriotism in the first place. Too many act like being patriotic requires blind, unswerving allegiance to whatever America’s leaders tell them to do or believe. Under such a definition, few thinking Americans could be patriotic. A better conception of patriotism would encompass more of what America should and should not stand for. Godless Atheists Can Be Patriotic...

Godless Atheists & Holidays: How Should Atheists Deal with Holidays, Rituals?:

Holidays can serve to form a connection to your own past by evoking memories of past celebration. Holidays can form and reinforce connections with the friends and family with whom you celebrate. Holiday events can also create connections across an entire society as people develop parallel experiences which forge subtle bonds. Rituals and celebrations, as long as they are not empty of personal meaning, can be worth preserving. Rituals are not inherently irrational, but they can be if they are simply followed for the sake of tradition, or because that is what is expected of you, etc. Godless Atheists & Holidays

Godless Marriage, Families, Children: Atheist Families Don't Need Religion:

America's Christian Right invests a lot of effort arguing for a connection between family values and their religion, but what basic family values require their religion or belief in their god? Godless families exist because values like love, respect, and sacrifice don't depend upon theism. You don't even have to be a theist to oppose abortion or support sexual abstinence until marriage. None of the positive family values necessary for raising healthy children are undermined by being godless. Godless Marriage, Families, Children

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