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Why is there Bigotry, Prejudice Against Atheists? Origins of Anti-Atheist Animus


Why Are Atheists Disliked, Distrusted, and Discriminated Against?:

Atheists in modern America have more freedom and can be more open about their atheism than at any time in history. Paradoxically, this openness has led to more direct and public bigotry towards atheists than at just about any other time in history as well. Thus while there are more open atheists than ever before, there are also significant pressures on atheists to stay in the closet. Why is there so much bigotry and hatred directed at them, and why is most of it based upon misconceptions? Why Atheists Are Disliked, Distrusted, and Discriminated Against...

Atheism & American Anti-Communism:

The extreme hostility towards atheists in America can probably be traced to two related factors: America's view of itself as a religious nation entrusted with a special mission from God and America's fight against communism in the Cold War. These two combined to portray atheists as a godless enemy, a fifth column either for Satan or for totalitarian communism. Atheism & American Anti-Communism...

Is There a Conspiracy of Godless Atheists Against America?:

Christian Right attacks on atheists have helped ensure that atheists remain the most despised minority in America. These attacks are not a series of isolated criticisms; instead, they are integrated and coordinated. Taken together these attacks effectively portray godless atheists as involved in a conspiracy against America, American values, and Christianity. Atheists have no respect for traditions, for values, for religion, or for anything that makes America what it is. There's No Conspiracy of Godless Atheists Against America...

Are Godlessness & Secularism a Threat to Religious Liberty?:

A common complaint made about secularism is that it is contrary to religious liberty. At best this is a misunderstanding about secularism because a failure to endorse or promote any one religion should not negatively affect the religious liberties of individuals. On the contrary, the creation of spaces where religion is not endorsed or even required can, for many reasons, enhance religious liberty for everyone because it puts everyone one the same footing. Godlessness & Secularism are No Threat to Religious Liberty...

Godless Atheists as Scapegoats:

Attacks on minorities are frequently not about minorities themselves, but something else: they are scapegoats for something larger, usually something perceived to be a conspiracy against all that is right and proper. Jews and gays, for example, have been scapegoats for reactionary hatred of modernity. Atheists can be scapegoats for fear of modernity as well, but more specifically for a fear of the loss of religious traditions and religious privilege. Godless Atheists as Scapegoats...

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