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Atheist Activism: How Can Godless Atheists, Agnostics Be More Active?

A common question atheists have is how they can make a difference in society. Atheists are not just a minority, but often a despised minority - more people feel comfortable expressing bigotry, hatred, and discrimination towards atheists than any other group. It's safe to say things about atheists that people would never say about others. How can atheists change this? What sorts of activism can they engage in? Is there a place for atheist activists in modern America?
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  2. Godless Living in America (9)
  3. Ideas for Atheist Activism (17)
  4. Liberation Atheology (20)
  5. Coming Out as an Atheist (8)
  6. Godless Atheist Politics (11)
  7. Godless America, Americans (8)
  8. Godless Liberalism (756)

Atheist Signs at Christmas: Should Atheists Challenge Christmas Displays?
Christians sometimes complain that atheists and secularists are trying to remove religion from the public square, but the truth is that Christians are so accustomed to have the public square all to themselves that they can't stand it when they cease to be privileged and others are treated equally.

Rules for Atheist Radicals: Ideas and Tactics for Atheist Act…
As a community organizer and political activist, Saul Alinsky played a pivotal role in the growth of grass roots organizing and activism in modern America. Saul Alinsky argued for transforming the poor and powerless from passive observers into activists with a vested interest in what happens around them. Saul Alinsky summarized his ideas into...

Atheists in America: Godless Living, Political Activism, Fighting Bigotry
Godless atheists are a part of America just like religious theists. They have families, raise children, go to work, and do all the same things that others do, except for one difference: so many religious theists can't accept how atheists can go about their lives without gods or religion. This is probably one reason why atheists, skeptics, and...

Bigotry & Discrimination Against Atheists & Godless Liberals in America
Critics pretend that godless Americans are part of a massive conspiracy to deny Christians their religious liberties. The truth is that the godless are a small minority in America with relatively little influence or power. Godless atheists are the most despised and distrusted minority in the nation. Circumstances for them can be difficult enough...

Why is there Bigotry, Prejudice Against Atheists? Origins of Anti-Atheist Animus
Bigotry and prejudice against atheists is widespread in the United States. A wide variety of reasons are cited for these anti-atheist attitudes in America, but the one thing they almost all have in common is the fact that they are false: people justify their animus towards atheists by saying things about atheists that simply aren't true....

Who is Prejudiced Against Atheists? Who Attacks Godless Atheism, Liberalism?
It might be expected that conservative Christians would hold at least some animus towards atheists, and in fact hostility towards atheism is almost universal among 'born-again Christians.' Even non-Christians and liberal Christians, however, demonstrate a great deal of anti-atheist animus. Tirades against 'godless liberalism' on the part of the...

Godless Atheists & Godless Politics: What Can Godless Atheists Offer America?
Critics, primarily the Christian Right though some progressives have succumbed to the temptation to join, have been using 'godless liberals' and the 'secular left' as scapegoats for everything they don't like in contemporary American politics. Godless liberals and the secular left, insofar as they exist, have little to no influence and no real...

How Can I Change Things? Fighting Anti-Atheist Bigotry, Discrimination
Godless atheists are the most despised and discriminated against minority in America. They face bigotry in a wide variety of ways and when it's known that they are godless or secular, their views on various political and social views may be immediately dismissed. Religion generally and Christianity in particular benefit from widespread...

Godless Living in America: What Can the Godless Do in a Religious Society?
Godless Americans are like other people in America: they grow up, date, get married, raise children, celebrate holidays, and all the other things which religious theists do. Godless Americans simply do it without the structures provided by religion or theism. For many religious theists, this may seem impossible; for godless Americans, it's...

Revealing Your Atheism: Should You Come Out of the Closet as an Atheist?
Many atheists hide their atheism from friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family because they are afraid of the reactions of others if they find out. So many religious theists, especially Christians, are intolerant of atheism and atheists that atheists are forced to hide their true feelings. It would be better if more atheists could and did come...

Enjoying the Good Life Without Gods: Gods, Religion Not Needed to Enjoy Life
Many religious theists don't believe that a person could not just live, but enjoy life without any gods or any religion. Because of this, religious theists also often make all kinds of assumptions about irreligious atheists and the sorts of lives they must lead. These assumptions are rarely, if ever, true. Neither gods nor religion are necessary to living a satisfying, fulfilling, and happy life.

Warren Buffet: Atheist Philanthropist?
People sometimes say, or just imply, that atheists don't do charitable work like religious theists. This is supposed to demonstrate how much better theistic religion is than irreligious atheism. While it is true that there aren't any atheist "churches" running local soup kitchens, that doesn't mean that there aren't any atheists doing charity work - some of whom are so prominent, they are missed.

Marginalizing Atheists & Anti-Atheist Bigotry: Liberal & Progressive Attacks
Surveys show that atheists are the most distrusted and despised minority in America. People are more willing to vote for or trust every other minority over atheists - including Muslims and gays. Atheists are thus the one minority it is still considered acceptable to discriminate and express bigotry against. People don't think twice about saying...

New Godless: Science is the Only Game in Town
Godless atheists are becoming more and more vocal - not just about their atheism, but also about their critiques of theism, religion, faith, and traditional dogmas. This makes believers uncomfortable because they aren't accustomed to being put on the spot so publicly and directly. Even worse, godless atheists tend to rely heavily on science, a system and methodology which cannot be dismissed.

You Might Be a Militant Atheist If...
It's common to hear religious theists complain about "militant atheists," but just what is a militant atheist? What separates militant atheists from regular (pacifist?) atheists? It's not always easy to tell and the people most likely to call atheists "militant" seem to be the least likely to try to explain the label. So here is a guide to...

Intellectual Life - Why Atheists Should Be Intellectuals
If a person has a reputation of being an 'intellectual' that can be a mixed bag. Among some that would be regarded as a compliment but among many others it would be treated as more of an insult. There is, in fact, widespread anti-intellectualism in some circles which seems incomprehensible to those who would treat the "intellectual" label as...

Atheists Care War Terrorism Violence
One of the strongest criticisms which irreligious atheists have about religion is the way in which it can encourage or justify violent, brutal behavior.

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