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Questions About Atheism & Atheists: What is Atheism? Who Are Atheists?

Theists often have a lot of basic questions about the nature of atheism and about atheists themselves. This resource will address questions from both atheists and theists; the commonality is that everything here deals with atheism: what atheism is, what atheism is not, what atheism is all about, what atheists believe, how atheists and theists can relate, etc.
  1. Are Atheists Intolerant? (9)
  2. What if Atheists are Wrong? (7)
  3. What is Atheism? (10)
  4. Atheism vs Theism, Religion (23)
  5. Who Are Atheists? (5)
  6. Atheist Families, Marriage (3)

Godless Marriage, Families, Children: Atheist Families Don't Need Religion, God
America's Christian Right invests a lot of effort arguing for a connection between family values and their religion, but what basic family values require their religion or belief in their god? Godless families exist because values like love, respect, and sacrifice don't depend upon theism. You don't even have to be a theist to oppose abortion or...

Atheism, Religion, Respect: Are Atheists Intolerant By Not Respecting Religion?
For religious theists, their religion, religious beliefs, and theism are very important to them. They hold their beliefs and institutions in high regard, so become defensive when irreligious atheists are sharply critical of religion and religious beliefs. Theists demand that atheists show more respect and tolerance, but is this justified? What...

Do All Atheists Believe the Same Things? Follow the Same Philosophies?
Atheists believe many different things, and they believe in different things as well, but there is a popular misconception among religious theists that all atheists hold certain political, philosophical, or social views in common. This is a mistake because atheism is nothing more or less than the absence of belief in gods; what atheists go on to...

What Do Atheists Say About Religion & Christianity? Are Atheists Anti-Religion?
Because atheists are so often seen critiquing religion, it's common for religious theists to wonder what atheists really think about religion and why. The truth is complex, however, because there is no single atheistic opinion about religion. Atheists' critical stance with regards to religion is more a product of cultural trends in the West than...

Are there Any Atheistic Religions? Can an Atheist Be Part of Any Religion?
Although most religions are theistic, which means that belief in a god or gods is incorporated into its doctrines, there are a few religions that are atheistic. Such religions may simply reject belief in any primary creator god, may dismiss the possibility of gods as irrelevant, or may even go so far as to reject and deny gods entirely. Whatever...

Why Do Atheists Debate Theists? Why Do Atheists Care What Others Believe?
People might legitimately wonder why atheists debate religious theists over the validity of both theism and religion. Atheism is only the disbelief in gods; this means that some atheists may themselves be religious while others may not care about either theism or religion. In practice, though, atheists are interested in both theism and religion,...

Which is Better, Atheism or Theism? Why Should Anyone Consider Atheism?
Given how atheism and theism are mutually exclusive, and how atheists and theists debate so much, it may seem natural to wonder which of the two is "better." This is a difficult question to answer because "better" is ambiguous. Does this ask which is more useful, which is more comforting, which is more likely true, etc.? Since the question...

What if Atheists are Wrong? Aren't You Afraid of Hell? Can You Take the Chance?
A common logical fallacy is argumentum ad baculum, which literally means 'argument to the stick' and which is commonly translated to mean "appeal to force." With this fallacy, an argument is accompanied by the threat of violence if the conclusions are not accepted. Many religions are based upon just such an tactic: if you don't accept this...

Is atheism just another religion?
For some strange reason, many people keep getting the idea that atheism is itself some sort of religion. It's an assertion which I keep hearing in newsgroups, in private email, and in this site's chat room. Maybe it is because these people are so caught up in their own religious beliefs that they cannot imagine any person living without religion of some sort.

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