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Atheism Blogs - Blogs for Atheists, on Atheism, by Atheists

Blogs are a great way for people to express themselves and communicate their ideas. Naturally, there are quite a few blogs out there which not only deal with atheism and agnosticism, but also provide interesting critiques of religion and religious beliefs.
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Blogging About Atheism: How to Blog More Effectively About Atheism,...
Blogging has become very popular and anyone can start a blog to write about the things that interest them. Not every blog is created equal, however, and there are strategies you can use which will improve the quality of what you write, attracting more readers and attention to your ideas. This advice focuses on blogging about atheism, but the key...

Agnosticism / Atheism
The front page of this very site uses blog software to allow constant updates of new information about religion, philosophy, atheism, and more. Anywhere from 10 to 20 new posts are added every single day, to check back often!

Atheist Ethicist
"When I was in high school, I decided that I wanted to leave the world better off than it would have been if I had not existed. This started a quest, through 12 years of college and on to today, to try to discover what a "better" world consists of. I have written, and will soon publish, a book describing that journey."

Atheist Pundit
Atheist and skeptical perspective on news, current events, politics, science, and more.

Atheist Revolution
"Atheists are one of the few groups left in American society that it is both socially acceptable and politically required to oppose. Our politicians must proclaim their Christianity to have any hope of being elected. ... I will use this blog to organize my thoughts on religion and politics in American life. I also hope to spark some discussion and critical thinking in others."

Atheistic Musings
"I'm hoping to use this blog to rant, ponder, and get my thoughts straight when debating Christian apologists. I get personal enjoyment out of pondering the existence of God, discussing early Christian history, etc. so hopefully this will be fun."

"Theology is the study of theism; Atheology is the study of atheism. I am The Atheologist. Why don't Atheists embrace religion when the vast majority of humans do? Why are Atheists regarded by most of society as thugs, rabble, vermin and generally naughty people. The Atheologist will attempt to seek out the true answers to these and many more questions..."

Carnival Of The Godless
The Carnival of the Godless collects posts from a godless perspective which deal with "godlessness, atheism, church/state separation, the evolution/creation debate, theodicy, philosophy of religion as it relates to godlessness, etc." This is a nice way to "sample" some of the most interesting writing on atheism right now.

Chronicles Of The Beast
"An atheist, a realist, but definitely not a theist," from Singapore. Articles are on atheism, problems with religion, politics, and more. I've seen some interesting and different sorts of commentary here.

Diary of an AtheistMommy
"Ever wonder what it's like to be an atheist? How about an atheist parent? Well, I'm not only an atheist, and an atheist parent, but I'm also a woman. I am the minority of the minority! I love being an atheist and I love being a mother. This is a blog about me, my life, and our world."

Freethought Weekly
Discussions based on a rationalist approach to life with an emphasis on how activism by freethinkers can make a possible impact on the world.""

God is for Suckers!
"Commentary, news, and rants on the evils and stupidity of belief in the big invisible daddy in the sky. Illuminating and watchdogging the widespread attempts to institutionalize the theocratic rule of the US. Making fun of believers everywhere."

Douglas of California
Not a blog, really, but a series of interesting essays by Douglas Shaver: "I believe the greatest impediment to human progress is the confusion of epistemology with ethics. This confusion is manifest in many ways, and they are all bad, because they all suppose that in at least some important instances, the truth must be what we wish it to be."

Godless America
Debate, discussion, and irreverent humor from an atheistic, humanistic perspective.

Goosing the Antithesis
"The 'antithesis' refers to the seperation between theists and atheists. This blog exists as a commentary and counterpart to those theists who seek to advance their agenda and ideals at the expense of reason."

Gullibility isn't in the dictionary
A part of the larger "Edifying Specatcle" website, the "Gullibility" blog focuses upon "tales of folly" dealing with religion, religious beliefs, and religious believers, Any time someone does something really bizarre in the name of religion, there is bound to be a post about it here.

Hellbound Alleee
Written as a conversation with an Internet Diary, this blog is associated with the Hellbound Alleee freethought radio show.

Internet Infidels Newswire
This isn't actually a blog, although it does function a lot like one. It is a collection of news stories that may be of interest to atheists, secularists, freethinkers, and so forth. It's updated six times a week and includes indexes for stories on many specific topic.

Jaundice James
"I value enlightenment. I value curiosity and education. I value freedom - real freedom - not the brand that's used in political speeches and displayed on bumpers. I value courage to speak out against the majority. ... I value sympathy, compassion, and generosity. ... I value choices, diversity, culture and art. ... I value my memories. I value friendship. I value love."

Kele's Atheistic and Evolutionary Journey
"Follow me on my journey of learning about atheism, religion and evolution. I know I can be an ignorant and arrogant little ass sometimes, so I welcome anyone to disagree with me. This is a journey of sorts, and I'd like to be pointed out my mistakes in thinking so I can learn from them. Thanks!"

Kill The Afterlife
"The concept of an afterlife is inhumane and immoral. Belief in the continuation of your "soul" or consciousness after death is wishful thinking. Belief in an afterlife devalues the one life that actually exists: this one." Naturally, this blog focuses on arguments for and against (mostly against) the existence of an afterlife.

Naturalistic Atheism
"Naturalistic atheism is a blog dedicated to the discussion of arguments, news, and other information relevant to naturalistic atheism, the view that no supernatural beings exist."

Nevada Gay Atheist
"The Religious Right's Worst Nightmare. Watch me as I lead your defenseless children to Hell! Or maybe not."

Religion and Current Events: A Non-Religious View. According to this blog's first post, "Rationalist aims to be a secular and international look at the role of religion in recent and current political and social justice issues." Although not updated constantly, it does provide an interesting non-religious perspective on matters.

Rationally Speaking
Massimo Pigliucci's blog: "Rationally Speaking began as an online column in August 2000, on my web site. The scope ranged from science and pseudoscience to politics and philosophy. RS is now a blog, in response to the ever changing dynamics of the Internet world. Enjoy, participate, and especially think (more or less) rationally!"

Sister Mary Karen
Karen is an atheist - and a recent one, having grown up Catholic. Sister Mary Karen is her religious alter-ego, and the two of them have conversations about what is going on in Karen's life. This provides an interesting look on the sorts of internal debates that an atheist experiences after giving up years of religious belief.

Skeptics' Circle
"The Skeptics' Circle is a biweekly carnival for bloggers who apply critical thought to questionable stories." You can read interesting posts on urban legends, pseudoscience, critical thinking, the paranormal, and more (but no politics).

The Atheist Seeker
"I am a Filipino atheist in search of answers to life's deepest questions. My atheism is not exactly accepted and is frowned upon in my family and in my country. Nonetheless, I press on for I find joy and liberation in my unbelief. I may die not finding answers to all my questions, but I will die with no regrets."

The Evangelical Atheist
"The Evangelical Atheist is a 'voice crying in the wilderness.' Perhaps one more such voice in the struggle against religion won't change anything, but it certainly can't hurt. Posts ... deal with Theology, the Politics of religion, news items that are relevant and my general observations and opinions."

The Raving Atheist
The title "raving" wasn't chosen randomly or as part of an accident (nothing in the universe is random, right?). The author has very regular and very sharp critiques of all manner religious behavior and religious beliefs. He's not afraid to let you know what he thinks and he doesn't pull any punches.

The Secular Outpost
The Secular Outpost is a group blog for the Secular Web: "Some of the authors who contribute to the Secular Web maintain this blog for commenting on various items of interest to metaphysical naturalists."

The Wall of Separation
This is the official blog of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. They aren't an atheist organization, obviously, but atheists are naturally concerned with maintaining church/state separation - the purpose of this organization.

UberKuh - The Artistic Atheist
UberKuh.com is the personal website of a self-described artistic atheist. Content centers around atheology and the philosophy of religion, but expands to encompass over 25 subjects, including original artwork, poetry, and essays.

Unscrewing The Inscrutable
"Observations and inanities by a second-shift assistant supervisor in the Puppy-Grinding division of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy." Brent Rasmussen covers news and ideas relating to religion, creationism, church/state separation, and much more.

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