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Best Atheist Podcast, 2010
Best Atheist Podcast, 2010

Best Atheist Podcast, 2010

The Atheist Experience

Readers picked The Atheist Experience as the Best Atheist Podcast of 2010. A product of the Atheist Community of Austin, the Atheist Experience may be the oldest atheist podcast around. The Best Atheist Podcast is also quite a bit more than just a podcast because it was originally created as (and still is, of course) a weekly live call-in show on the Public Access cable television station in Austin, Texas.

One of the more important features of their show is the fact that it was created to talk to religious theists, not atheists. Of course both atheists and theists call in, but the point is to give theists an opportunity ask questions of atheists, learn about atheism, and get a better perspective of atheists themselves.

The creators of The Atheist Experience have really earned the support of listeners and viewers. In fact the Austin Chronicle awarded them the Best of Austin 2010 Award for "Best Public Access TV Show," and if you watch or listen it's not hard to understand why. So congratulations to Matt Dillahunty, Martin Wagner, Russell Glasser, Don Baker, Jeff Dee, Tracie Harris, and Jen Peeples for all the hard work they do.

But don't forget to subscribe to and listen to the others as well. All the finalists for Best Atheist Podcast are well worth listening to and all have something to offer.

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