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Readers' Choice Awards, 2011


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Best Atheist Blog, 2010
Best Atheist Blog, 2010

Best Atheist Blog, 2010

P.Z. Myers

Readers picked Pharyngula as the Best Atheist Blog of 2010. Although P.Z. Myers' specialty is biology, he writes regularly on many issues that are important to atheists: science generally, skepticism, church/state separation and secularism, and of course atheism itself. This is arguably an important quality of what goes into making one of the best atheist blogs: the ability to post about and comment on a variety of subjects rather than just one or two.

Pharyngula isn't just popular with atheists, but also it seems with opponents of atheism — at least I have to conclude that based often they cite or complain about Myers' writings. Like it or not, he has become one of the most prominent public (or at least online) faces of atheism today. This isn't a position he has because of voting in an online poll but rather simply because has been willing to be assertive and even aggressive in arguing for his ideas. Some people object to this, but when was the last time positive changes were ever achieved without that element?

I'm sure that Pharyngula winning Best Atheist Blog doesn't come as a surprise to anyone, given how popular P.Z. Myers' writings are, but all the finalists for Best Atheist Blog are very good and all should be read regularly. Producing a consistently strong blog over the long term is difficult and requires an investment of a lot of time and work from the writer, so the people behind the finalists all deserve our thanks as well.

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