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Life After Death and Immortality

Does prayer work? Do people have Near Death Experiences? Can miracles be proven?

Out-of-Body Experiences Induced Mechanically
It's common for people to point to so-called "out of body" experiences as evidence that our minds are separate things from our bodies. They claim that minds are immaterial and fundamentally different from our physical bodies. What they cannot explain by this is how such experiences can be produced at will through purely physical means like drugs and electrodes.

Oxygen Starvation & Near-Death Experiences
A very common, but not entirely universal, component of Near Death Experiences is the image of bright light at the end of a dark tunnel. In popular imagination this is supposed to be an image of heaven that a person is moving towards, but medical science can not only explain how this image is created naturally, but also predict when it will occur as well as when it won't.

What Happens After You Die?
One thing which so many religious theists have trouble understanding about irreligious atheists is the latter's lack of belief not just in gods, but also in any sort of afterlife. More than any other topic, emails I get regularly ask about what I believe happens after I will die and how I can go on living without some sort of hope for the possibility of an eternal bliss.

Natural Explanations for Out of Body Experiences
People who believe in the existence of paranormal phenomena will often cite odd events and insist that the absence of any "natural" explanations justifies paranormal beliefs. The truth, however, is that people are often simply unaware of possible natural explanations.

Near-Death Experiences: Common Explanations
Proponents of the existence of souls and an afterlife like to claim that their ideas are supported, in part, by the fact that there are no scientific explanations for near-death experiences. The truth, though, is that there are lots of potential causes of these experiences, all of them natural. Before people start insisting on supernatural causes they should eliminate the natural options first.

Cloning and Minds: Do Clones Show that Immaterial Minds Exist?
A long-standing debate in philosophy and science is whether human beings are wholly material or whether there is some immaterial "spirit" which is responsible for our thoughts, opinions, desires, motives, etc. Is our mind simply the operation of our material brain, or is our mind an immaterial essence that is separate from the brain? Some think that cloning can provide clues.

Could We Survive Our Own Deaths?
Flew argues that surviving our own physical deaths isn't possible.

Extinction of Personality at Death
A philisophical defense of the idea that there is no "life" after death.

Immortality: Defining the Problem
What is "immortality" supposed to be, anyway?

Scientific Case Against Immortality
Scientific evidence/arguments against the idea that immorality is possible.

Van Praagh on Larry King Live
"If spiritualists and their media front-men really want to help the grieving, they will quit preying on them in their most vulnerable aspect, and instead allow them to find a measure of honest acceptance. "

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