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Freethought Posters: Inspirational Posters on Freethought, Skepticism, Atheism


It's not unusual for people to assume that atheism has to be dry, cold, cynical, and overly intellectual. This is understandable because atheists are so often engaged, as atheists, in philosophical debates about gods, morals, politics, etc. We don't see much in the way of "atheist art" - art created by atheists in order to express ideas, emotions, or beliefs from an explicitly atheistic perspective. There are novels and other forms of literature, of course, but not enough in the way of visual arts.

The posters collected here are an attempt to rectify that situation. They visually express a variety of atheistic ideas on morality, belief, and life itself. They are an experiment, an introduction, and an initial create something new that goes above and beyond the dry arguments which have come to typify how atheists usually express what they think.

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It's OK Not to BelieveFreethought Poster: It's OK Not to BelieveBeauty Doesn't Need a MiracleFreethought Poster: Beauty Doesn't Need a MiracleMorality: It Doesn't Take a Gift from HeavenFreethought Poster: Morality is Not a Gift from Heaven
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