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Atheism FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Atheism, Atheists

There are always a lot of questions about atheism and atheists. It's not as though atheism is a complex subject, but perhaps the simplicity of atheism confuses people who assume that it has to be harder than it really is. Collected here are some of the most common and popular questions people ask about atheism and atheists.
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What Is Atheism?
Atheism is the absence of belief in gods, nothing more and nothing less.

What's the Definition of Atheism?
The broader and more common definition of atheism among atheists is simply 'not believing in any gods.'

How Do You Define Atheism?
In my experience, people who ask me how "I" define atheism aren't simply asking what the definition of atheism is because they are assuming either that I am using an unusual definition not found elsewhere or that everyone can use their own, equally valid definition.

How Does the Dictionary Define Atheism?
Many common dictionaries fail to provide a full and adequate definition of atheism.

What's the Difference Between Atheism & Agnosticism?
The difference between atheism and agnosticism is the difference between belief and knowledge.

What Does it Mean to be Godless?
Atheists are by definition godless, but it's possible to draw a subtle distinction between the concepts of atheism and godlessness.

Why Do Atheists Define Atheism Broadly?
Atheists define atheism broadly because a broad definition is the best and most accurate place to start in any conversation about atheism.

Why Is a Broad Definition of Atheism Superior?
The broad definition of atheism is superior because it helps us take into account a greater diversity of positions among real people.

Why Does a Broad Definition of Atheism Matter?
The broad definition of atheism underscores something important: theists are the ones making the initial, primary claim.

When is a Narrow Definition of Atheism Necessary?
A narrow definition of atheism can make interesting theological debates easier because it's not necessary to qualify every use of the term.

Is Atheism a Belief?
Atheism is not a belief, but it is common for religious believers to claim that atheism is a belief.

Is a Lack of a Belief the Same as a Belief?
Lacking a belief is just lacking a belief; it does not ever entail also having a belief.

Is Atheism the Lack of Any Beliefs?
For some reason, atheists not believing in any gods is treated as a reason to think that atheists must believe nothing at all.

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