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Surveys & Polls on Beliefs about Evolution & Creationism

Evolution is accepted in lower numbers in America than any other western nation, and lower than almost any nation in the world except Turkey. Creationism is far more popular in America than any other nation, too. But just how popular is the anti-evolution and pro-creationism sentiment? Surveys and polls consistently put the support for creationism at over 50% and support for naturalistic evolution at under 25%. These numbers have profound implications for American science policy.

51% Believe God Created Humans in Present Form (CBS, 2005)
According to CBS polling data, Americans overwhelmingly believe in some form of creationism: 51% believe that God created humans in their present form and 30% believe God has guided the process of human evolution.

67% Say its Possible to Believe in God & Evolution (CBS, 2005)
A majority of Americans believe that you can accept evolution while believing in God; only 29% don't. Almost all of those who think this also happen to accept evolution.

57% Believe in Creationism; Deny Evolution (ADL, 2005)
A 2005 poll conducted by the ADL found that 57% of Americans believe the Bible is a better explanation for the origins of human life than Darwinian evolution; among fundamentalist, evangelical, and charismatic Christians, 87% reject evolution in favor of the stories in the Bible.

Nearly Half of Americans are Young Earth Creationists
In America, almost half of the people say humans were created in their current form by God in the past 10,000 years. A mere 15% accept the scientific explanation that we evolved naturally.

Republicans Overwhelmingly Reject Evolution, Adopt Creationism
Republicans mostly say God created humans in the past 10,000 years. Among Americans generally, under half are young earth creationists (46%); among Republicans over half are (58%). Only 5% of Republicans accept natural evolution.

Educated Americans More Likely to Accept Evolution, Reject Creationism
Only 25% of Americans with a post-graduate degree believe humans were created 10,000 years ago; only 11% of Americans with a high school education accept evolution. So education has an impact on accepting evolution or not - but what sort of impact? Why?

Evolution vs. Young Earth Creationism in America
50% of Americans are Young Earth Creationists who believe humans were created in their present form within the last 10,000 years.

Atheists & Christians on Teaching Creationism in American Public Schools
Most Americans say that creationism should be taught in public school science classes and the vast majority of evangelical Christians want creationism taught in schools.

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