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Religion in Turkey - Women and Gender Relations
Male-female relations remain an area of some tension in Turkish society. The conflict between traditional and modern values and between patterns of ...
Religion in Egypt - Traditional Attitudes Towards Women
Rural and lower-class Egyptians generally believed that women were morally inferior to men. Women were expected to defer to senior male relatives, to avoid ...
Submission & Obedience to Husbands: Women Must Submit to ...
Women who voluntarily enter or remain in extremely patriarchal religious communities cite as one of their primary reasons the fact that their social and familial ...
Control of Women's Sexuality & Reproductive Organs: Men ...
Control of Women's Sexuality & Reproductive Organs. Men Asserting Authority Over Reproduction and Women. Control of ... Religion & Spirituality Slideshows.
Courtship and Dating in Islam - About.com Islam
Young Muslim men and women (or boys and girls) do not enter into one-on-one intimate relationships, spending time alone ... Religion & Spirituality Slideshows.
Interfaith Marriage in Islam - About.com Islam
Muslim Man and Non-Muslim Woman ... No exception is given for women to marry Jews and Christians, so the law stands ... Religion & Spirituality Slideshows.
Sex and What Buddhism Teaches About It - About.com
If a monk makes sexually suggestive comments to a woman, the community of ... He taught how to use our own judgments about religious and moral teachings.
Where Does the Legend of Lilith Come From? - About Judaism
The first account is known as the Priestly version and appears in Genesis 1:26-27 . Here God fashions man and woman simultaneously when the text reads: “So God created mankind in the divine image, .... Religion & Spirituality Slideshows.
Muslim Women - Top Books About Muslim Women - About.com Islam
This female Muslim author highlights historical and religious sources relating to the role of women in Islamic law, and its relation to modern feminist ideas.
The Book of Ruth: Jewish Women in the Bible - About Judaism
Eventually Naomi's husband dies and Naomi's sons marry Moabite women named ... "no one has better defined the combination of peoplehood and religion that ...
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