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The Problem of Defining Religion, Mythology and Philosophy
Religion is difficult to define. Everyone has a different idea of what it is. Most people simply look in the dictionary or use something else equally simplistic.
What is Religion? Defining Religions and Religious Belief Systems
Defining Religions and Religious Belief Systems. Religion is difficult to define, but you can't study it without having some idea of what religion really is. There are ...
Defining the Characteristics of Religion - Agnosticism / Atheism
Definitions of religion tend to suffer from one of two problems: they are either too narrow and exclude many belief systems which most agree are religions, ...
What Is Religion? Functional vs Substantive Definitions
Many scholarly and academic attempts to define or describe religion can be classified into one of two types: functional or substantive. Each represents a very  ...
Definition of Religion - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
That might be fine for everyday conversations, it isn't sufficient for the sort of discussions that appear here. Religion is a human creation and as such can vary as ...
Definitions of Religion From Various Sources - Agnosticism / Atheism
Genuine religion is fundamentally a search for meaning beyond materialism. ...A World Religious tradition is a set of symbols and rituals, myths and stories, ...
Religion vs. Theism - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Are religion and theism effectively the same thing, such that every religion is theistic and every theist is also religious? Because of some common ...
Explaining the Existance Religion and Religious Beliefs
Religion is a pervasive and significant cultural phenomenon, so people who study culture and human nature have sought to explain the nature of religion, the  ...
Religion vs Spirituality - What's the Difference? - Agnosticism / Atheism
One popular idea is that there exists a distinction between two different modes of relating with the divine or the sacred: religion and spirituality. Religion ...
Religion as Faith and Ultimate Concern - Agnosticism / Atheism
There is a common perception that religion is defined not so much by particular doctrines (like the existence of a god) or in particular functions (like providing a ...
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