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Theology, Apologetics, and Religious Philosophy: Same Questions ...
Both theology and the philosophy of religion have played important roles in Western culture, but not everyone understands the important differences between  ...
Varieties of Theism: What is Pantheism? - Atheism and Agnosticism ...
This is because pantheism played a significant role in Greek philosophy, and much of ... On this basis in 1732, the Christian apologist Daniel Waterland used the ...
Christianity and History: Bible, Race & Slavery
What does the Bible have to say on slavery, and how have the relevant passages been interpreted in the past? ... attempt by right-wing theocrats to have their religion and their holy book be granted special ..... Interpretation and Apologetics.
What Is the Gap Theory? - Exploring Gap Creationism - Christianity
It was first introduced in 1814 by Scottish theologian Thomas Chalmers in an attempt ... Helen Fryman at Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry presents four ...
John and the Synoptic Gospels (Differences) - The Bible - About.com
3 explanations for the unique structure and style of John's Gospel .... Synoptic Gospels sought to solidify Jesus' story in a historical and apologetic sense. ... John lived in a time where theological debates and heresies were becoming rampant ...
Faith Groups That Reject the Doctrine of the Trinity - Christianity
They deny the divinity of Jesus, believing he is fully human and separate from God. ... Religious Tolerance.org · Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry ...
Curses and Cursing: What is a Curse?
About.com · About Religion & Spirituality · Agnosticism/Atheism ... used in the Christian context, the concept plays a central role in Christian theology. ... Say About Jesus Cursing the Fig Tree · Theology, Apologetics, an...
Who Was Born Without Original Sin? - Catholicism - About.com
Catholics believe that three people were born without Original Sin. Who were they, and why do Catholics believe each was born without Original Sin?

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