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Theology, Apologetics, and Religious Philosophy: Same Questions ...
Both theology and the philosophy of religion have played important roles in Western culture, but not everyone understands the important differences between  ...
C.S. Lewis & Christian Allegory: Narnia, Sci-Fi - Agnosticism / Atheism
In fact, the Narnia books were simply an extension of Lewis' apologetics. ... C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien: Why They Argued Over Christian Theology · Is Harry ...
Overlap of Religion and Philosophy
Religion 101: Examining the Nature of Religion and Religious Beliefs · Theology, Apologetics, and Religious Philosophy · Philosophy of Religion: Philosophy of ...
What Is the Gap Theory? - Exploring Gap Creationism - Christianity
Helen Fryman at Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry presents four biblical points that refute the gap theory. The Gap Theory — An Idea With Holes?
Faith Groups That Reject the Doctrine of the Trinity - Christianity
... the Occult by Kenneth Boa; Christianity, Cults & Religions (Chart) by Rose Publishing; Religious Tolerance.org · Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry  ...

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