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Proclamations Past & Present - History of Religious Proclamations
Have religious proclamations of thanksgiving, prayer, or fasting had any practical problems, or are all the objections just theory? In point of fact, problems began ...
National Day of Prayer - Can the Government Encourage Prayer?
The purpose of all three was to establish this country as God's official religious opposition to atheistic communism. Before this, official proclamations of prayer ...
Myths & Misunderstandings About the Separation of Church and State
It simply isn't possible to have a reasonable understanding about the nature of how religion and government should interact when people do not have all of the  ...
The Obama Easter Proclamation Controversy - US Government
President Barack Obama did not issue an Easter proclamation paying homage to the sacred Christian holiday in 2011, an omission that drew criticism from ...
Obama and the National Day of Prayer - US Government - About.com
See the proclamations Obama released about the National Day of Prayer. ... In 1952, evangelist Billy Graham led a six week religious campaign in Washington,  ...
Witches, Women, and Witchcraft: History and Background
Witches have long been feared and hated in Christian circles. ... obeying someone else's religious proclamations is quite enough to give them fits of apoplexy.
Proclamation of the Birth of Christ (The Roman Martyrology)
This Proclamation of the Birth of Christ from the Roman Martyrology is read at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. ... Religion & Spirituality Slideshows. Reading.
Myths about American Law & Government - Agnosticism / Atheism
Our "National Day of Prayer" shows that this is a religious nation. Every year we ... Before this, official proclamations of prayer were issued irregularly. More  ...
Religion in Bangladesh - Religion and Society - Agnosticism / Atheism
government proclamations religion in the 1980s tenets of islam taslima nasrin bengal region: Religion in Bangladesh: Religion and Society.
Persecuting Witches & Persecuting Women: Witchcraft as a Means ...
It would be a mistake to assert that the Christian persecution of witches and ... else's religious proclamations is quite enough to give them fits of apoplexy.
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