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Religious Privilege - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
... in subtle ways but are in steep decline. Religious privilege, the favoring of religion, religious beliefs, and religious figures, has been much more difficult to kill.
Christian Privilege & Religious Privilege - Agnosticism / Atheism
... whatever their race. With Christian and religious privilege, Christianity, Christians, or religion generally are given a special status over other religions or beliefs.
Religious Privilege: Privileging Religion in Modern Society, Giving ...
The main premise employed by those who advocate religious privilege in modern society is that religion, religious groups, religious beliefs, and religious ...
Christian Privileges in American Society - Agnosticism / Atheism
Christian Privilege as a Nonconscious Ideology: The concept of “nonconscious ideology” was created to describe those ideologies whose implicit, unreflective, ...
Ceremonial Deism as a Mask for Christian Privilege in America
The incorporation of Christian practices in government functions is often defended by claiming that they are not Christian but rather forms of ceremonial deism.
Religious Privilege & Anti-Atheist Bigotry are Two Sides of the Same ...
Religious Privilege & Anti-Atheist Bigotry are Two Sides of the Same Coin. Bigots Hide their Bigotry by Claiming to "Protect the Rights" of the Privileged.
Christianism, Christian Privilege & Christian Supremacy ...
One of the hallmarks of modernity has been the rooting out of various forms of illegitimate privilege, with Christian and religious privilege being among the last.
John McCain on White, Male, Christian Power: How Privileged is ...
We may talk about male privilege, white privilege, or Christian privilege in isolation, but in practice one form of privilege is consistently used to buttress the others ...
Barack Obama on the Pledge of Allegiance: Equality vs. Privilege in ...
This isn't hard to understand because it's one of the most prominent forms of religious privilege, but it's also one of the starkest ways in which anti-atheist bigotry ...
Equal Rights vs. Special Privileges - Civil Equality
A common Christian Right argument against protecting gays' basic civil rights is that gays are seeking “special” rights unavailable to others. This is untrue, but it's  ...
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