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What is Humanism? What is Humanist Philosophy?
Working from this general conception, we can see that humanism is not a particular philosophical system or a set of doctrines, or even a specific system of  ...
Philosophic Humanism: Modern Humanist Philosophy and Religion
Humanism as a philosophy today can be as little as an perspective on life or as much as an entire way of life; the common feature is that it is always focused ...
What Is Humanism and Humanist Philosophy?
Humanism is less a philosophical system, a set of doctrines, or even a specific system of beliefs, than it is an attitude or perspective on life and humanity.
What is Secular Humanism? Ethics of a Philosophy Focused on ...
The “secular” of secular humanism also means that, as a philosophy, it does not give any place to the veneration of things holy and inviolable. Acceptance of ...
Humanism & Humanist Philosophy: What Do Humanists Believe ...
In this century, humanism has come to refer to a philosophy that rejects traditional religious dogmas and usually theism itself. Although it is possible to be both a ...
What Is Religious Humanism?
It might be better, however, to describe this situation as a humanistic religion ( where a pre-existing religion is influenced by humanist philosophy) rather than as ...
History of Humanism With Ancient Renaissance Philosophers
The title 'Renaissance Humanism' is applied to the philosophical and cultural movement that swept across Europe from the 14th through 16th centuries, ...
Humanism & Gods: Philosophy of Religion in Humanism
Thus, gods are essentially a non-issue for the basic philosophy of humanism itself - they are only made significant by the absence of any focus upon them.
History of Humanism With Ancient Greek Philosophers
Although the term 'humanism' was not applied to a philosophy or belief system until the European Renaissance, those early humanists were inspired the ideas ...
Humanism & Religion: Philosophy of Religion in Humanism
Much of the time, the humanistic perspective on religion is critical: humanists critique religious dogmas, religious violence, religious history, and the belief in the ...
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