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Logical Fallacies: Arguments, Reasoning, and the Fallacy
Fallacies are defects in an argument that cause it to be invalid, unsound, or weak. In a deductive argument, the existence of a fallacy means that the argument is ...
What is a Fallacy? Understanding Defective Arguments
Fallacies can be separated into two general groups: formal and informal. A formal fallacy is a defect which can be identified merely by looking at the logical ...
Logical Fallacies: Alphabetical Index
Logical Fallacies FAQ - what sorts of fallacies are there and how do they work? This is an alphabetical index of all the fallacies cataloged and explained on this ...
Top 12 Logical Fallacies - Examples and Discussions
For those who need a little refresher, here are 12 of the most common informal logical fallacies.
Logical Fallacy: Definition and Examples of Informal Fallacies
Clinical psychologist Rian McMullin expands this definition: "Logical fallacies are unsubstantiated assertions that are often delivered with a conviction that ...
Non Sequitur - Definition and Examples - Grammar and Composition
A non sequitur is a fallacy in which a conclusion does not follow logically from what preceded it.
Stacking the Deck - Definition and Examples of a Logical Fallacy
Stacking the deck is a fallacy in which evidence that supports an opposing argument is simply rejected or ignored.
Complex Question - Definition and Examples
Logical Fallacies: A fallacy in which the answer to a given question presupposes a prior answer to a prior question.
Definition of Name-Calling - Logical Fallacies
A fallacy that uses emotionally loaded terms to influence an audience.
Circular Argument Definition and Examples
An argument that commits the logical fallacy of assuming what it is attempting to prove.
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