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Naturalism vs. Supernaturalism
Naturalism vs. Supernaturalism - atheists tend to assume naturalism and theists tend to assume supernaturalism. Which perspective is most reasonable?
Naturalism & Materialism vs. Supernatural, Magical, Paranormal ...
Naturalism & Materialism vs. Supernatural, Magical, Paranormal Beliefs. A Natural, Material Universe Precludes the Supernatural, Paranormal. By Austin Cline.
Atheism & Naturalism: Atheists Should Focus on Naturalism & Science
Not believing in elves or ghosts doesn't get a special label or extra attention, ... Supernaturalists are making a claim for something extra, be it gods, ghosts, ...
C.S. Lewis and Naturalism: Can Naturalism Explain Reason, Nature ...
C.S. Lewis wanted to explain nature on the basis of his supernatural god; as a ... argues against naturalism by saying “If Naturalism is true, every finite thing or ...
Metaphysics - Philosophy of Existence, Being and Reality
Atheists typically dismiss the existence of the supernatural, so they may dismiss ... Some treat metaphysics as the study of “higher” reality or the “invisible” nature  ...
Unexplained vs. Unexplainable: How Theists Misunderstand Science
Thus, the only "explanation" available is the supernatural, which according to ... by naturalistic science are unexplainable in principle by naturalistic science.
Book Review - Is Nature Supernatural? A Philosophical Exploration ...
Does this justify relying upon supernatural and mystical explanations for the universe, however? ... Explanation of the scientific method, logic, and naturalism ... and many of the passages in the book require two or three readings to really ....
Humanism & the Supernatural: Metaphysics of Humanist Philosophy
As naturalists, humanists rely upon nature and natural explanations to understand the universe ... Nothing supernatural can or is needed to explain such things.
Argument from Consciousness: Does the Human Mind Prove the ...
The fact that we cannot reduce it to a single place or a single event is no more a ... Supernaturalism is just the opposite — the belief that events and values ...
Religious vs. Secular Humanism: What's the Difference?
The most commonly cited “essence” of religion involves supernatural beliefs, whether ... Because they also define humanism as fundamentally naturalistic, the  ...
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