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Atheism FAQ: Myths about Atheism
Atheism: and examination of various myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions people have had about atheism and atheists.
Top Myths About Atheism & Atheists: Answers, Refutations ...
There are many myths about what atheism is and who atheists are - even the definition of atheism is misunderstood. These myths need to be identified as the ...
Atheism Myths & Misconceptions: Exposing the Ways Theists ...
There are many myths and misconceptions about what atheism entails and who atheists are - not surprising, since even the basic definition of atheism is so ...
Atheism Myths: Is Atheism a Religion?
Atheism Myths: Many people operate under the mistaken idea that atheism is itself a religion, but they are very wrong.
Atheists are just Selfish? Atheism Myths: Atheists Avoid Morality and ...
Some assume that atheists not only cannot be moral without god, but in fact do not ... Myth: You are an atheist so that you can do whatever you want. Response:
War in the Name of Atheism - Theology Myths
A common criticism which atheists raise against religion is how violent religion and religious believers have been in the past. People have slaughtered each ...
Myth-Defining Atheism: Common Myths About the Definition of ...
This myth explains why this is so important to some theists: if atheism is just the absence of belief in gods, then it's not making any claims that all atheists must ...
Atheist Myths: Is Atheism Based on Faith?
This is a mistake on multiple levels: it's not necessarily true that atheists can't ... Atheism Myths: Atheists Can't Disprove God & Have Faith in God's Nonexistence.
Myth: Atheists Deny God Because That Accepts Something Smarter ...
... they really do know more, but because they are too arrogant. Atheists, according to this myth, don't want to admit the existence of a god smarter than they are.
Myths about Atheism: Atheism & Christianity
Myths and Misconceptions about Atheism: an examination of various myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions people have had about the relationship  ...
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