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Atheism FAQ: Myths about Atheism
Atheism: and examination of various myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions people have had about atheism and atheists.
Top Myths About Atheism & Atheists: Answers, Refutations ...
There are many myths about what atheism is and who atheists are - even the definition of atheism is misunderstood. These myths need to be identified as the ...
Atheism Myths & Misconceptions: Exposing the Ways Theists ...
There are many myths and misconceptions about what atheism entails and who atheists are - not surprising, since even the basic definition of atheism is so ...
Atheism Myths: Is Atheism a Religion?
Atheism Myths: Many people operate under the mistaken idea that atheism is itself a religion, but they are very wrong.
Atheists are just Selfish? Atheism Myths: Atheists Avoid Morality and ...
Some assume that atheists not only cannot be moral without god, but in fact do not ... Myth: You are an atheist so that you can do whatever you want. Response:
War in the Name of Atheism - Theology Myths
A common criticism which atheists raise against religion is how violent religion and religious believers have been in the past. People have slaughtered each ...
Myths about Atheism: Atheism & Christianity
Myths and Misconceptions about Atheism: an examination of various myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions people have had about the relationship  ...
Atheism Myths: do atheists hate God and Christians?
Myth: Atheists hate God and that is why they claim not to believe. Response: To atheists, this is a really odd claim. How can someone hate something in which ...
Myth-Defining Atheism: Common Myths About the Definition of ...
This myth explains why this is so important to some theists: if atheism is just the absence of belief in gods, then it's not making any claims that all atheists must ...
Myths about Atheism: Atheist Attitudes
Myths about Atheism: Atheist Attitudes: negative attitude bad attitudes bad feelings atheists christian doctrine.
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