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Christian Persecution 2

As I discussed in an earlier article, there is a common theme heard in the propaganda coming from the Religious Right that Christians in America are "persecuted." The source of this persecution is supposed to be atheists, communists, secular humanists, and other "godless" types who control the dominant culture. The reason for this persecution, so they say, is that Christians challenge the assumptions and morality which the godless humanists are forcing on the country.

But in that earlier article, I demonstrated that there is real persecution being visited upon Christians not by humanists, but by other Christians. The dominant culture being challenged is not one created by secularism, but instead by conservative Christians who so thoroughly control smaller communities and local governments that outsiders experience great difficulty.

Joann Bell and Lucille McCord learned that when they objected to the activities of the Son Shine Club at their children's school. Threatening phone calls were constant, and Lucille Bell got many from men saying that they would break into the home, tie up the children, rape the mother in front of the kids, and then "bring her to Jesus." And that was only a small portion of what they had to endure.

Unfortunately, they aren't the only families who have had to endure such "love" from their Christian neighbors. There are communities throughout the country where only a few churches dominate life for everyone, and public schools end up supporting or promoting their religious message. When someone objects, they suffer the wrath of that community. In this article, we will look at the experiences of Lisa Herdahl's family in Ponotoc, Mississippi.

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