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Sylvester II (Silvester II)
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 Sylvester II (Silvester II)
Sylvester II (Silvester II)
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Sylvester II (Silvester II)
Born: Gerbert of Aurillac
Preceded by: Gregory V (996 - 999)
Succeeded by: John XVII (1003)
Roman Catholic Pope #140

Born: c. 945 (France)
Died: May 12, 1003
Pope: April 2, 999 - May 12, 1003 (4 years)

The first Frenchman to become pope, Gerbert of Aurillac Sylvester II because the first Sylvester was a pope known for his close working relationship with the emperor. Sylvester became a staunch defender of papal prerogatives, but he also worked closely with Otto III to reform the many abuses occurring in the church - including simony, nepotism, and clerical marriage.

In February, 1001, citizens of Rome revolted against their domination by foreign powers, particularly Germans, forcing both Otto III and his chosen pope, Sylvester II, to flee the city. Otto died the following year, unable to reestablish control over Rome, and Sylvester was only allowed to return provided he rmain under close supervision by Romans and restrict his work to spiritual and religious activities.

Prior to being elected pope, Sylvester was renowned for his learning and scholarship in fields like logic, mathematics, philosophy, and astronomy. A number of his writings on logic and mathematics survive today.

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