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magnet therapy
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Magnet therapy is based upon the idea that magnetic fields have the ability to help the body heal or simply relieve pain. Most often, pseudoscientific support is offered by claiming that magnets affect the iron in our blood, but that iron is non-ferrous, which means that it does not react to mangetic fields!

Moreover, many of the magnets you will find used in magnetic therapy are of the same type used with refrigerator magnets. But these magnets aren't even strong enough to have an affect through the thickness of our skin, much less the various pouches they are typically held in. At just one centimeter from such a magnet, the magnetic field is measured to be one Gauss - the strength of the Earth's magnetic field. In other words, when such a magnet is one centimeter away from something, it has no more effect than the Earth's own magnetic field is already having. Needless to say, there is no reliable, repeatable, controlled scientific evidence that magnets have any medicinal value.

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