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George Kreskin (The Amazing Kreskin)
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George Kreskin, who generally goes by the stage moniker "The Amazing Kreskin" is an illusionist and a mentalist who has turned his magic act into an apparent series of psychic feats. He has told reporters that he has never claimed to have actual psychic powers, but his own books tell a different story.

In The Amazing World of Kreskin, he wrote "I used both thought projection and suggestibility" and "Perhaps some of what I do fits into the category of "psychic," so-called, under certain conditions." In a later book, Kreskin's Fun Way to Mind Expansion, he wrote "I would love to tell you how I do it, but I honestly don't know," implying that he is not consciously responsible for the events and that they have some mysterious origin.

In fact, professional illusionists and mentalists know just how he performs his acts - they can accomplish the same things themselves and often do so. The difference, however, is that they readily admit that it is all a trick. They do not try to fool the public by claiming that they have genuine psychic powers. If Kreskin is a genuine psychic, he has never bothered to have it demonstrated under controlled conditions.

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