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The Bible and Suicide

William Payne Alston
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William Payne Alston
W.P. Alston

Born: 1921 in Shreveport, Louisiana
Died: n/a
Brought to the United States: 1857

Major Works:
Philosophy of Language (1964)
Divine Nature and Human Language (1989)
Perceiving God (1991)

Philosophy of Religion

William Payne Alston has been one of the most important figures in the development of the philosophy of religion in the United States - although, outside philosophical circles, his name is not nearly so well known as many others. Nevertheless, Alston's role has been significant. He was the founding editor of Faith and Philosophy, and influential philosophy journal, and he was the first president of the Society of Christian Philosophers.

Alston's basic method was to apply the techniques of modern philosophy and logic to fundamental religious and theological questions. He has argued that personal religious experiences should qualify as reasonable grounds for belief in the truth of religious doctrines - for example, miracles or the existence of God.

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