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The Bible and Suicide

Supreme Court Decisions on Religious Liberty
Internal Church Disputes

Kedroff v. Saint Nicholas Cathedral (1952)
The Supreme Court ruled that neither the Establishment Clause nor the Free Exercise Clause permitted the New York legislature to pass a statute designating which religious group may have control over a church.

Presbyterian Church v. Hull Church (1969)
The Court unanimously decided that a Superior Court overstepped its constitutional powers by involving itself in an internal church dispute and that a Georgia law was unconstitutional for giving juries the right to make decisions in theological disputes.

Jones v. Wolf (1979)
TheSupreme Court vacated a lower court's decision that a minority faction had control of a church becaused the lower court failed to use the "neutral principles of law" test properly.

Combs v. Central Texas Annual (1999)
Fifth Circuit Court judgment that the state could not be sued for gender discrimination after a female pastor was fired.

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