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The Bible and Suicide

History Calendar: December 07, 2006
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43 BCE
Marcus Tullius Cicero died.

Pope Eutychian died.

St. Ambrose was ordained.

Cyril of Alexandria condemned the doctrine of the Antiochene monk Nestorius at the Synod of Rome. According to Nestorius, there were two separate Persons in the Christ - one Divine and the other Human.

Pope Innocent IV died.

Concluding that bigamy was better than divorce, Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon gave Philip of Hesse permission to marry a second wife.

Due to pressure from the British Parliament, the Massachusetts Colony lifted the Corporal Punishment Act of 1656 which had created harsh penalties on Quakers and other religious dissenters.

Avram Noam Chomsky was born.

The Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches formally reconciled (but did not reunite) by reversing a mutual excommunication of each other which was originally instituted in July 1054.

Pope Paul VI reorganized the Holy Office (which had previously been known as the Inquisition) and renamed it Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith.

Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart died.

John Habgood, Archbishop of York, says during a debate over Britain's Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill, "Scientists in general and biologists in particular deal mostly in continuities and gradual changes from one state to another. This is true of evolution, in which the transition from the pre-human to the human took place over countless generations. There was never a precise moment when it could have been said 'Here is a hominid and here is a man.' But this is not to deny that as a result of the process there emerged a profound and indeed crucial set of difference between hominids and men. The same is true of individual lives. ... It seems strange to a biologist that all the weight of moral argument should be placed on one definable moment at the beginning. ... Christians are no more required to believe that humanness is created in an instant than we are required to believe in the historical existence of Adam and Eve."

Decided: Ganulin v. United States
Is it constitutional for the United States government to recognize Christmas as an official paid holiday? Richard Ganulin, an atheist lawyer, argued that it isn't and filed suit, but a U.S. District Court ruled against him.

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