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The Bible and Suicide

History Calendar: September 29, 2006
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Benedict III was consecrated pope.

William the Conqueror invades England and claims the English throne at the Battle of Hastings. Because William is both the King of England and the Duke of Normandy, The Norman Conquest fuses French and English cultures. The language of England evolves into Middle English with an English syntax and grammar and a heavily French vocabulary.

Pope Gregory IX excommunicated German emperor Frederick II

Huguenots tried to kidnap King Charles IX.

Philosopher Miguel de Unamuno was born.

The House of Representatives passes a bill introduced by Representative Caldwell of Cincinnati. It states that "any person or persons who shall use the National flag, either by printing, painting, or affixing on said flag, or otherwise attaching to the same, any advertisements for public display or private gain shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof in the District Court of the United States shall be fined in any sum not exceeding fifty dollars, or imprisonment not less than thirty days, or both, at the discretion of the court." This bill would fail to pass the Senate.

Joseph Banks Rhine was born. Rhine became famous for his scientific research on extrasensory perception.

Jamal el-Husseinik, speaking for the Arab Higher Committee, informed a UN special committee on Palestine that Arabs would not accept any political division of Palestine between Jews and Arab.

Pope Paul VI convened the second session of the Second Vatican Council.

In exchange for two Soviet Jews and on Austrian being held captive by Arab terrorists, the Austrian government agreed to prevent any further transit of Soviet Jews heading for Israel through Austria.

The Episcopal Church appointed its first female bishop.

Rahim al-Nashiri and Jama Mohammed al-Bedawi are sentenced to death in Yemen. The two men had been found guilty of organizing the bombing of the USS Cole on October 12, 2000 in Yemen.

Just outside the Israeli settlement of Ma'on in Hebron, Chris Brown and Kim Lamberty of Christian Peacemaker Teams are attacked by five masked men wielding bats and chains. The Christian volunteers were escorting Palestinian children to school and allege that the attacks are part of an organized plan of intimidation by Jewish extremists in the settlements.

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