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The Bible and Suicide

History Calendar: September 28, 2006
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After two days of heavy battering, the walls of Jerusalem begin to buckle under the Muslim assault. St. Stephen's tower falls partially and a breach begins to appear at St. Stephen's Gate, the same place where the Crusaders had broken through nearly a hundred years earlier.

Urban V was elected pope.

John Bunyan's famous book Pilgrim's Progress was published.

The French National Assembly announced that all Jews would have full and equal citizenship.

Leo XII was elected pope.

Members of the Salvation Army, under the command of Major Tucker, land in India and are imprisoned.

Gamal Abdal Nasser died unexpectedly of a heart attack in Cairo. Egypt's vice-president, Anwar Sadat, was named as interim president.

John Paul I died suddenly.

Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin signed an accord transferring control of the West Bank to Palestinians.

The U.S. government admits that it was considering secretly aiding pro-American Iraqi candidates in the upcoming elections, but decided against the plan.

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