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The Bible and Suicide

History Calendar: July 03, 2006
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Pope Leo II died.

Under the leadership of Almanzor, Muslim forces march out of the city of Cordova and head north to capture Christian lands.

Peter the Hermit's Peasants' Crusade meets Byzantine forces at Nish. Although Peter is victorious and moves towards Constantinople, about a quarter of his forces are lost.

Crusaders march from Sephoria in order to engage Saladin's forces. They brought no water with them, expecting to replenish their supplies at Hattin. That night they would camp on a hill with a well, only to discover that it was already dried up. Saladin would also set fire to the brush; the drifting smoke made the tired and thirsty Crusaders even more miserable.

The Capuchin Order, an offshoot of the Franciscans founded by Matteo da Bassi, received official papal approval in a bull by Pope Clement VII.

Theodor Herzl, founder of the Zionist movement, died in Edlach, Austria.

In America, the Greek Orthodox Church authorizes the use of English in some sacraments.

Justice Potter Stewart retired from the Supreme Court.

In Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services, the Supreme Court ruled that a Missouri law barring the use of public funds and facilities for abortions and prohibiting abortions by public employees was constitutional.

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