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The Bible and Suicide

History Calendar: January 14, 2006
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Peter of Castelnau, papal legate appointed by Innocent III to organize the Catholic forces which moved against the Cathars in Southern France, died.

Frederick III, protector of Martin Luther, was born.

Philosopher George Berkeley died.

Albert Schweitzer was born in Kayersberg, Elsass, Germany (now France).

The United States Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation on trains is unconstitutional.

German Protestant and pacifist Martin Niemoller was born in Lippstadt, Germany.

German philosopher Otto Liebmann died in Jena.

Fighting at Cairo University broke out between the Muslim Brotherhood and groups loyal to the government. This would lead to the Muslim Brotherhood being outlawed in Egypt the next day.

Kurt Godel died in Princeton, New Jersey.

Argued: Bowen v. Roy
In an 8-1 Court Decision, the Court ruled that the government was permitted to require beneficiaries to supply it with their Social Security numbers, even if their religion forbade it.

Argued: Goldman v. Weinberger
The Supreme Court upheld a military provision requiring a uniform dress code and prohibited an Orthodox Jew from wearing a religiously required yarmulke.

Archaeologists in Greece announce that they may have discovered a site in Athens which could have been Aristotle's Lyceum.

A proposed bill in the Washington State Legislature would have required all state-purchased textbooks contain the disclaimer: "A message from the Washington State Legislature: This textbook discusses evolution a controversial theory. [N]o one was present when life first appeared on earth. Therefore, any statement about life's origin should be considered as theory, not fact. Study hard and keep and open mind. Someday you may contribute to the theories of how living things appeared on earth." This disclaimer about evolution was similar to one added by the Alabama State Legislature to science textbooks in that state in 1995.

A Palestinian mother of two blew herself up at the main crossing point between Israel and the Gaza Strip. In what was believed to be the first time that the terrorist group Hamas has used a female bomber, four Israelis were killed and seven other people were wounded.

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