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The Bible and Suicide

Product Summary
Back Rooms: Voices from the Illegal Abortion Era
Back Rooms: Voices from the Illegal Abortion Era
Back Rooms & Abortion
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Provides personal accounts of what is like when abortion is illegal
•  Shows how and why even criminal penalties do not end all abortions
•  Explains how, for some, 'choosing life' isn't always the best option
Cons  •  None
The Bottom Line - This book only offers the voices of the survivors, or at least those who are now able to talk about what they endured and is able to provide an important moral and personal dimension to the abortion debate, demonstrating clearly what people might have to endure if abortion were illegal.
Product Description
•  First-person stories of women who have sought abortions - legal and illegal
•  Explains trauma - both in needing an abortion and in aftermath of abortion
•  Presents stories of women who sought abortions but had children anyway
Guide Review

Back Rooms & Abortion
What would life be like if abortion were illegal? Many women alive today have grown up in a world where abortion has been a safe and legal part of their medical landscape. For an entire generation, legal abortion has been something they can simply assume would be there for them, should they ever need it. What might be in store for them, however, if all of that were to change?

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