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Religious Right James Dobson

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Head of the powerful Focus on the Family, too few people have ever heard much about either James Dobson or his organizations. Those who have, especially those who avidly follow him and his advice, are unaware that he is not at all what he seems to be. The reality of James Dobson is very little like the carefully crafted public image which he jealously guards. But what he also jealously guards is his anonymity in our legislative process. It is very unfortunate that so few people know about him, and I am convinced that understanding Dobson aids in understanding recent legislative efforts.

Ministry of Psychology
Is James Dobson a minister or a psychologist? The face he presents to the public suggests that he wants to be thought of as a professional psychologist, but evidence indicates that he is pushing a uniquely religious program.

Fear and Anger
James Dobson's work seems to be motivated strongly by fear and anger - but what is he afraid of? What is he angry about?

Principles & Agenda
James Dobson can be understood better by examining the principles he most often uses and the agenda he seeks for the nation. So what are his principles and what is his real agenda?

Gary Bauer
Gary Bauer, an occasional presidential candidate, runs the Family Research Council. What many do not know, however, is that the FRC is basically a political arm of James Dobson's organization.

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