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Religious Right: Jack Chick

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Who is Jack Chick? Details are sketchy, but he does appear to be a real person, alive and well in California, creating tracts now for nearly forty years. His biography states that he wanted to be a comic artist when he was younger, but unfortunately he ended up turning his meager talents to evangelization. He himself appears to have undergone a very intense conversion experience which would go a long way in explaining why he not only devotes so much energy into converting non-Christians but why he also seems to expect similar experiences in others.

It is rather ironic that soon after beginning to create comics, Chick learned that communist activists worked to convert the Chinese with similar little cartoon booklets. Ironic, because Chick evinces such a deep and abiding hatred of communism through his works.

Jack Chick's Comics
Just what are these "Chick Comics"? What are they like and where do they come from?

Jack Chick's World
What kind of world does Jack Chick live in?

Jack Chick & Religion
What does Jack Chick think about religion? What are his views about religions other than his brand of Christianity?

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