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Map of Greece and Timeline

Ancient Greek Mythology, Religion, Art

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Map of Greece and Timeline


This detailed map shows the locations of most major Greek cities throughout the ancient period, from the early Bronze Age down through the Roman period. The timeline below offers a rough outline of how ancient Greek history proceeded.

Periods of Ancient Greek History
6000 - 3000 BCE Neolithic Period: Small agricultural communities, possible worship of fertility goddesses
3000 - 1500 BCE Minoan Period: Minoan culture on Crete, worship of Snake Goddess
2000 - 1700 BCE Middle Bronze Age: Invasions of Greek-speaking people into mainland Greece (Linea A script used)
1700 - 1100 BCE Late Bronze Age: Mycenaean culture develops on mainland Greece (Linear B script used). Troy sacked around 1250 BCE.
1100 - 850 BCE Greek Dark Age: Mycenaean civilization falls and citadels are burned by invaders, Greek settlements are created through the Aegean islands and Asia Minor
850 - 479 BCE Archaic / Geometric Period: Phoenician alphabet adopted, geometric patterns dominate on pottery, kouros statues created. Classical Greek city-states begin to form. First Olympic Games: 776 BCE
480 - 323 BCE High Classical Period: After the defeat of the Persians, Greek city-states flourish but are eventually conquered by Alexander of Macedon
323 - 146 BCE Hellenistic Period: Greek civilization, carried throughout the Middle East by Alexander the Great, deeply influences native cultures - especially Roman myth, literature, and philosophy.
146 BCE - Roman Period: Rome sacks Corinth in 146 BCE and Greece becomes a Roman province. Greeks lose their independence, but have an even greater influence on literature, religion, and philosophy

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