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What is religion? What are some varieties of religions? What is theism, and what are some of the varieties of that? Atheists aren't theists, but they can be religious - understanding what theism and religion are is key to understanding why that is true.

Semantics isn't exactly a glorious pursuit, but it does have its uses and certainly also its value. Presented here is a resource I've not been able to find anywhere else on the internet: a comprehensive but easy to understand look at the many different types of theism and spiritual belief which lie behind human religions.

About Religion

Theism 101
Understanding atheism requires some understanding of theism. Learning about what types of theism exist, how people define their gods, and why people become theists will enable you to get a better grasp of how and why people can become atheists. There may not be any one path to atheism which all atheists follow, just as there is no one path to theism which all theists follow; nevertheless, there are enough commonalities to justify discussion and study.

•  What is Theism?
•  Varieties of Theism
•  Is Theism Irrational?

Religion 101
Here you will find much of the basic information you need when learning about religion: how religion is defined by scholars and dictionaries, the differences between religious and non-religious belief systems, the types of religions that exist, how religious groups tend to be organized, religious philosophy, the nature of "cults," and more.

•  Defining Religion
•  Types of Religion
•  Types of Belief Systems

Topics in the Philosophy of Religion
One of the more entertaining aspects of the philosophy of religion is to examine how religion influences modern culture and how culture in turn influences religion. Religion in film, religion in books, economic analyses of religion - these are all a part of religious philosophy.

•  The Matrix, Religion, and Philosophy
•  Technology & Religion
•  Karl Marx & Religion
•  Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, and Religion

Secularism 101
Secularism is one of the most important movements of the modern West. Its influence and power serve to differentiate it not only from the Middle Ages and more ancient eras, but also to differentiate the West from other cultural regions around the world. The modern West is what it is largely because of secularism; for some, that is a reason to cheer secularism on, but for others it is a reason to mourn.

•  Defining Secularism
•  Religious Origins of Secularism
•  Critiques of Secularism

Major Religious Faiths
These special FAQs will provide you with a wealth of information dealing with some of the world's major religious faiths. You can read about religious history, major religious figures, religious disputes & violence, and important religious doctrines.

•  What is Christianity?
•  What is Islam?
•  What is Sikhism?

Arguing About God & Religion
Does God exist? If so, what type of God exists and what does God want? Are any religions valid? If so, which one(s) and why? These are the sorts of questions debated by visitors to this site - learn more about these questions, the terms involved, and how the debates proceed.

•  What is God?
•  Arguments for Gods
•  Arguments against Gods

Further Reading About Religion

Every week there are new book reviews to be found here on this site. Many of the books reviewed deal with religion - discussions about religion generally, about religion in the United States, or about major reilgious faiths like Christianity or Islam. If you're interested in some recent books dealing with religion and religious beliefs, perhaps some of these reviews will help.

Recently Reviewed Books on Religion
There are many books published each year dealing with religion, religious history and religious issues. Archived here are reviews of books which tend to take a skeptical or scholarly perspective on religion, past and present.

Recently Reviewed Books on American Religion
Religion plays an important role in American society, just as it does in most societies. Religion in America is not, however, quite like religion in other countries. It has it's own unique history and it's own understanding of the nature of religion, of Chrisianity, and of civil society. Learn here about some of the best recent books published about religion in America.

Recently Reviewed Books on Judaism
There are many books published each year dealing with Judaism, Jewish history and Jewish issue. Archived here are reviews of books which tend to take a skeptical or scholarly perspective on Judiasm, past and present.

Recently Reviewed Books on Islam
What is Islam? Is Islam opposed to democracy and human rights? Are there good reasons to reject Islam and its theological claims? To what extent have politics and economics influenced the development of Islam in the Middle East? The books here answer those questions and more, presenting a critical and scholarly perspective.

Recently Reviewed Books on Christianity
Every year there are hundreds of books published dealing with Christianity, Christian beliefs and Christian history. A few are worth taking a closer look at, and some of them are reviewed here. They can help you lean more about Christianity and the role it places in society.

Recently Reviewed Books on Catholicism
Roman Catholicism preserves many of the oldest traditions in Christianity. However, some Christians regard the Catholic Church as a non-Christian organization. There are many books published every year dealing with Catholicism, with some of the best reviewed here.

Glossary: Religion & Philosophy
This extensive glossary provides detailed information on philosophical and religious concepts, from abandonment to Zeno of Elea! (over 2400 entries total)

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