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Biographies of Famous American Philosophers


Exploring: Philosophy

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Below is an index of short biographies of a wide variety of American philosophers throughout history. A few of the biographies are of other intellectuals - psychologists, sociologists, scientists and others. However, the vast majority are philosophers of one sort or another.

Choosing who should and should not be included here is difficult. If a Russian philosopher studies in England and teaches at Harvard, does he belong in this list or not? Not everyone here was born in the United States; however, if they eventually became American citizens and/or did some of their most significant work here, contributing directly to the America's intellectual and academic climate, then I chose to place them in this index. Other indexes of famous American philosophers and intellectuals may not agree with this, but it is the one I have created.

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Adams, George Plimpton
Adler, Felix
Arendt, Hannah


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Bettelheim, Bruno
Boas, Franz


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Carnap, Rudolf
Chomsky, Avram Noam


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Dewey, John


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Eliade, Mircea
Ellis, Albert


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Fromm, Erich


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Galbraith, John Kenneth
Gödel, Kurt


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Heschel, Abraham Joshua
Hoffer, Eric
Hook, Sidney


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James, William


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Kinsey, Alfred C.
Kuhn, Thomas


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Maslow, Abraham Harold
Mead, Margaret
Milgram, Stanley


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Nagel, Ernest
Nozick, Robert


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Paine, Thomas
Parsons, Talcott
Pierce, Charles Sanders


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Quine, W.V.


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Rawls, John
Royce, Josiah


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Sagan, Carl
Sanger, Margaret
Santayana, George
Searle, John
Sellars, Wilfrid
Skinner, B.F.


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Wilson, Edward Osborne

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