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There are quite a few people who have made important contributions to atheism, skepticism, agnosticism and religious critique through history. This page serves as an index to a series of short biographies of some of those individuals. Included here are historians, philosophers, statesmen, lawyers, scientists and more.

Although separated by time and profession, what unites them is a common interest in reason, skepticism and critical thinking - in particular when it comes to traditional beliefs and religious dogmas. This has played an important role in the development of religion and theology over the centuries because the challenges and questions posed by these and similar individuals could not simply be ignored.

Ayer, A.J.

Bakunin, Mikhail

Bradlaugh, Charles

Carnap, Rudolf

Clifford, William K.

Comte, Auguste

Darrow, Clarence

Dewey, John

Ellis, Albert

Feuerbach, Ludwig Andreas

Foote, George William

Freud, Sigmund

Gibbon, Edward

Goldman, Emma

Haldeman-Julius, Emanuel

Holbach, Paul Henri

Holyoake, George Jacob

Hook, Sidney

Hume, David

Huxley, Thomas Henry

Ingersoll, Robert Green

Lewis, Joseph

Marx, Karl

McCabe, Joseph Martin

Mencken, Henry Louis

Nietzsche, Friedrich

Paine, Thomas

Rand, Ayn

Robertson, John Mackinnon

Russell, Bertrand

Sagan, Carl

Sanger, Margaret

Sartre, Jean-Paul

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